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At Latest Melbourne Fashion Festival: Australia's Designers Make a Daring Statement

By Jing Zhang

With the slow trickle of Australian brands like Ellery, Maticevski, and Zimmermann into the global fashion lexicon, you might wonder why more don’t make their reach more inter-continental? The...

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ITALIANA. Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001

By Sofia Celeste

The carefree 70s looks of Walter Albini, the retro Gucci G bags that made the brand explode, the unforgettable Fiorucci cherub tee shirts that were a sign of the 90s and the baroque ensembles of...

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Institute of Fashion Design Basel Graduate Fashion Performance

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Poster Girl Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 London

Poster Girl
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10 Lessons We Learned this Season

By Marta Represa

Another fashion month has come and gone and – after the inevitable momentary information overload that comes with covering an average of 12 shows a day – we have looked back and distilled...

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VIDEO | Dior Fall Winter 2018 Savoir-Faire

Watch the Savoir-Faire video from Dior's Fall Winter 2018 collection:                                                                                                   

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Walk of Shame Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 Moscow

Walk of Shame
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Paul & Joe Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 Paris

Paul & Joe
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Louis Vuitton Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 Paris

Louis Vuitton
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Paris: What’s Missing ?

By Jessica Bumpus

While there’s been plenty to keep us guessing and gossiping at the shows this season, Paris came with a few gaps among its schedule. No Mugler or Courrèges – both of whom have recently lost and...

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Moon Young Hee Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 Paris

Moon Young Hee
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Anaïs Jourden Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 Paris

Anaïs Jourden
Junko shimada rtw fw18 paris 0927 1520350623 thumb

Junko Shimada Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 Paris

Junko Shimada
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Miu Miu Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 Paris

Miu Miu
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VIDEO | Agnes B Ready to Wear Collection Fall Winter 2018

Agnes B Fashion Show Highlight - Ready to Wear Collection Fall Winter 2018.