Rynshu Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

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Lanvin Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

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Officine Generale Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

Officine Generale
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Daria Shapovalova discovers why Kenzo current designers, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, are in their best creative period. Video maverick Loïc Prigent, art director Mitchel Bell and Le Figaro's...

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Romantic Realism - Paris Menswear FW15 - Day 4

On the penultimate day of the Paris menswear shows, designers proved that they had their sartorial feet on the ground. Giving buyers and fashionistas clothing created for real world scenarios....

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AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

By Jessica Michault

There is a pivotal point in all childhood friendships between boys and girls when the innocent camaraderie can mature into something else. The bond deepens to become even more intertwined.  That...

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi
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Hermes Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

By Jessica Michault

Véronique Nichanian's menswear collection for Hermès this season took her show to the city streets. But this is Hermès after all, so urban streetwear was off the table. Instead the designer...

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Miharayasuhiro Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

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Wooyoungmi Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

By Lily Templeton

Picking up where we'd left off last season, Wooyoungmi was all about a moment, rather than a theme. Veteran Korean designer Woo Young Mi and daughter Katie Chung walked their man through darkened...

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Dior Homme Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

By Jessica Michault

The effect of the Dior Homme show on the fashion set here in Paris began hours before its afternoon start time. On Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets, images of coat lapels and tops...

Dior Homme
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AZIZ BEKKAOUI Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Amsterdam

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Etudes Studio Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

By Lily Templeton

Modern life is all about the commodity, and an end to non-stop, disposable filled lives was the center of Études Studio's fall collection. But like a flea circus, it is easy to forget the...

Etudes Studio
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VIDEO | KRISVANASSCHE : personal experience as a part of a fashion statement

KRISVANASSCHE presented a Fall/Winter 2015 menswear collection mixing urban streetwear and business suiting. Daria Shapovalova finds out, how the work of Belgium-born, Paris-based designer Kris...

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Songzio Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

By Lily Templeton

Wet leaves and city lights make for a picturesque light play that Songzio evokes through the textures and palette of the collection he presented on Saturday. This seemingly naturalistic palette...

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ACNE Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

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Sacai Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris