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Rynshu Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

There was a collective gasp as Rynshu trotted out the ultimate look of his fall-winter 2013-2014, a militaristic look with a red armband, complete with a bright pink figure pinned on the breast....

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No Editions Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Since 2007, No Editions has been a true alien within the fashion industry, an individualistic initiative against the ever growing mass-market. In this context, Nicole Lachelle and Christian...

No Editions
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Agnés B Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Agnés B
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Lanvin Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

The snow flurries that blanketed Paris have transformed the city into a clean canvas filled with unidentifiably white shapes and silhouettes that hide their true features from view. It makes for an...

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Christophe Lemaire Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Christophe Lemaire's style no longer needs an introduction. The French designer is excelling in both fashion houses, in his own women and menswear ready-to-wear, as well as Hermès' womenswear...

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Melinda Gloss Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Melinda Gloss is the fashionable brainchild of two former philosophy students, Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquintane. Launched in 2008, the menswear brand pretty much incorporates Parisian...

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AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Stand clear of the closing doors! The late time slot and off-center location did not prevent Alexandre Mattiussi’s AMI presentation from being a rush hour. Within the venue, a set built to resemble...

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi
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Pigalle Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Who would have thought that Paris' infamous red-light district would lend its name to a ready-to-wear brand?  Since spring-summer 2011, Made in Pigalle clothes has been designing menswear that...

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Hermes Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Veronique Nichanian, the Hermes menswear designer, knows how to fulfill her customers heart’s desire. Make it beautiful. Make it with the best fabrics. Make it timeless. And above all make me look...

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Damir Doma Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Damir Doma is hitting the ski slopes with his fall/winter 2013 collection.  It is a concept that was well received on a day when the streets of Paris was covered in a blanket of fluffy white snow....

Damir Doma
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Miharayasuhiro Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

It takes a certain bravado to stage a menswear show outside in the month of January. Ok, who could have predicted that there would be a snowstorm in Paris, but still. So it is a credit to the...

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Smalto Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Smalto's creative director, Youn Chong Bak knows how to please a gentleman. A crackling wood fire in a countryside house, a round of poker with old friends and  a good bottle of whiskey, that's all...

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Wooyoungmi Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

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Dior Homme Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Designer Kris Van Assche turned to a very powerful symbol to act as the emblem for his fall/winter 2013 show.  He embellished a number of second skin long sleeve shirts and slim jackets with the...

Dior Homme
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Sruli Recht Menswear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Sruli Recht