2012 01 31 17 50 20 cheap monday fw 2012 001 thumb

Cheap Monday Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

For A/W12 we are slowing down, focusing on the long cycles and evolution in nature. We have chosen a naturalistic approach, looking at the periodic table, natural history, DNA and fossils. This...

Cheap Monday
2012 01 31 16 39 14 lexington fw 2012 001 thumb

Lexington Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

While variations of jeans-wear rule the collection, there are dressier items, including a evening dress and a velvet blazer, which could easily translate into office-appropriate looks. The colors...

2012 01 31 15 39 02 mayla fw 2012 001 thumb

Mayla Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

The collection is made out of timeless, feminine pieces, designed to become all-time wardrobe favourites. Think Greta Garbo, dark and moody, in long silhouetted cashmere coats and cardigans,...

2012 01 31 14 35 54 the local firm fw 2012 001 thumb

The Local Firm Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

Founded in 2007, The Local Firm is a Sweden-based fashion jeans brand with a distinctive design code that combines high fashion with innovative jeans design. The Local Firm´s concept is inspired by...

The Local Firm
2012 01 31 13 07 52 beckmans college of design fw 2012 001 thumb

Beckmans College of Design Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

The second-year fashion students mark the middle of their studies with a fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Twelve students present individual collections of three to five outfits; the...

Beckmans College of Design
2012 01 31 10 40 30 boomerang fw 2012 001 thumb

Boomerang Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

BOOMERANG FALL WINTER 2012 - OUR PASSION This season we want to formulate who we are, what we are enthusiastic about, what choices we make to reach new heights – Our passion. To share- It’s our...

2012 01 30 22 44 49 oscar jacobson fw 2012 001 thumb

Oscar Jacobson Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

Inspiration F/W 12 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel of 1886, with a split personality between good and evil in the center of the action, was based on William Brodies...

Oscar Jacobson
2012 01 30 21 39 22 filippa k dam fw 2012 001 thumb

Filippa K Dam Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

Exploring the minimalistic expression in it´s purest form, Autumn Winter 2012 is a clean and precise look without unneccassary detailing. As a strong contrast to this a playful clash of strong...

Filippa K Dam
2012 01 30 19 40 00 carin wester fw 2012 001 thumb

Carin Wester Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

The Carin Wester Label was created in 2003 and quickly became noticed by high profiled stores because of its androgynous shapes and urban, playful expressions. Today, the collection consists of a...

Carin Wester
2012 01 30 18 34 48 ubi sunt fw 2012 001 thumb

Ubi Sunt Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

The vision behind the Ubi Sunt concept and it’s collections is to celebrate and express gratitude for what once was – the development of humanity and the achievement of those before us. Therefore...

Ubi Sunt
2012 01 30 17 36 26 v ave shoe repair fw 2012 001 thumb

V Ave Shoe Repair Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

V Ave Shoe Repair represents a unique design, not only in the scandinavian feeld, but also in a global aspect. v ave s.r. is created with high quality rate and a strong conceptual vision. the...

V Ave Shoe Repair
2012 01 30 16 39 10 whyred fw 2012 001 thumb

Whyred Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

Theme and inspiration for Whyred Autumn/Winter 2012 Forrest The depth of a mystic and ruff, yet colourful forest, with all its shapes and colours, in contrast to the extreme modern implements...

2012 01 30 15 34 35 stylein fw 2012 001 thumb

Stylein Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

The vintage circus’ beautiful world has inspired Stylein’s FW12 collection, where the circus director’s tailored straight lines meet the princess’ sensuality. She borrows his jacket and the collar...

2012 01 30 14 05 00 filippa k herr fw 2012 001 thumb

Filippa K Man Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Stockholm

Inspired by a modern way of dressing Autumn Winter 2012 explores the consistent style of Filippa K Man. An ultra-minimal look that embraces the functionality of the sports world and applies it to...

Filippa K Man
2012 01 26 10 42 50 yoshiki hishinuma 0005 thumb

Yoshiki Hishinuma Couture Spring Summer 2012 Paris

Yoshiki Hishinuma