Balenciaga Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2017 Paris

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Balenciaga Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2017 Paris

Today’s show certainly tapped into this: aside from the signature layered looks - and some new babydoll apron-style dresses - there came a finale procession of ball gowns which marked the re-introduction of Balenciaga’s haute couture history. A selection of shapes and volumes from the couture archive were here re-interpreted with the practical addition of pockets, and are available made to order. [CONTINUE READING...]

She wears jackets twisted into cape-shawls, carries wing-mirror-made clutch purses, boasts a long colour patent leg, a killer stiletto and adds a number of ballgowns to her wardrobe this season. [CONTINUE READING...]



The cold and disorientating underground rooms of the Espace Champerret. Clothes in monogrammed carpet. An immense agora, dotted with reinforced cement columns, office chairs laid out around the edges. Demna Gvasalia’s irreverent and provocative concept of an atelier 3.0. For fall/winter 2017, and the 100th anniversary of the label, Balenciaga pays homage to the sumptuous couture of Monsieur Cristobal Balenciaga. And while three exhibitions in Paris, London and Madrid prepare to pay homage to the architect of high fashion, the Georgian designer called by the Kering group to redesign the house, started in the archives. In a surreal, unusual raid that triumphs in the final looks: A selection of made to order dresses that mark the return of the house to the world of haute couture, created by the atelier in historic silhouettes and fabrics. Each piece will have its own special label that will include the historic logo and year of inspiration. And accompanying each one, a gigantic version of the iconic Bazar bag. Because, more so than ever, this season Gvasalia worked on the past. So much so that the rest of the looks were an homage to the image and elegant postures that the Spanish maestro asked his models to assume during in-house photoshoots. Images that guided the designer in the creation of these new shapes. Like the coats with deconstructed closures, to minimise the feminine gesture of clutching a coat close to the body to keep out the cold. The rest was a parade of chic iconic styles mixed with the modern. Like the satin silk blouse with a biker back. Deconstructed pencil skirts. Knitwear that plays with loose proportions. Skirts made out of car mats. Florals with a retro feel printed on draped, almost casual, dresses. Because everything had to provoke a feeling of irreverence and subversity towards the bcbg rules.

By Giampietro Baudo - MFF Magazine for Fashion

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