Band of Outsiders Menswear Spring Summer 2014 Los Angeles

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Band of Outsiders Menswear Spring Summer 2014 Los Angeles

Next season at Chateau Marmont! Room 29 of the mythical Hollywood hotel is the backdrop of Band of Outsiders' latest offering, featuring musician Devandra Banhart under lock and key to present the brand's spring-summer 2014 collection.

This isn't the first time Scott Sternberg broke away from fashion’s show and presentation game. The man dislikes these formats which reportedly bores him: last season, it was a scavenger hunt through New York City, the preceding one a multichannel voyeuristic broadcast of a model in a window. Not to mention, a little buzz increases attention tenfold.
That the Room 29 narrative had charm makes no doubt: Sternberg finessed every last detail to perfection to describe the wardrobe of the world-weary chicster needing a touch of home wherever he hangs his hat. So the day started off in a relaxed fashion, in cuts inspired by pajamas and using plushy, cocooning materials: a patchwork of madras arranged in neat little rows, like windows; terry cloth; thick dressing gown velours; piqué (the same ultra-fine one used for BoO's other line, This is Not A Polo Shirt) dressing up casual sportswear. Lounging around the Chateau while the sun is still up is fine, but night time is serious business.

As darkness fell, formality turned up. If the tuxedo jacket is not enough, how about upping the ante with the tuxedo frock coat? In filigree, the preppiness of Band of Outsiders came through as a leather blazer, or seersucker separates combined with geeky twisted humor (how else to describe the flasher on a sweater or the “(logo)” placeholder on another?).
What it boiled down to wasn’t some presentation gimmick. For the past decade, Sternberg has not only been good at reinventing classics, he’s also a master at giving people what they want. And what they want is more Band for their buck.

- Lily Templeton