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How To Nail Weather Appropriate Style

Streetstyle by Anna Palermo

Come rain, come shine, the stylish attendees at New York Fashion Week didn’t let a little bad weather get in the way of looking good. Check out our favourite looks that demonstrate you can still...

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An Overview of Politics at NYFW

By Robin Torres

NYFW was politically charged this year, and rightfully so. With everything going on at home and abroad since the US presidential election, how could NYFW not take a stance? With a gamut of themes...

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Top Moments from NYFW

By Robin Torres

From the changing of show formats to the hoard of politically-charged sentiments, New York Fashion Week delivered contrasting trends day after day – both on and off the runway. Here are the top...

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Fashion and Art Rekindle Their Flame During NYFW

By Robin Torres

Fashion and art has been a long standing relationship, and that designers would be inspired by art and artists themselves makes complete sense. Their respective mediums, their love for colors and...

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The Only Constant in Fashion is Change

By Robin Torres

Zac Posen simultaneously celebrated his 15th anniversary alongside his show this season, opting out of a traditional runway format and instead hosting a photo exhibit-slash-party. Nestled in his...

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How Social Media Took Over NYFW

By Robin Torres

Social media already stole the show and the week isn’t even over. Of course, it’s nothing new per se and a technology that’s been around for a number of years now, but never before have we seen...

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INTERVIEW | Coach’s Creative Director Stuart Vevers

By Robin Torres

Evolving from last season's more rebellious rock and roll theme, Stuart Vevers still managed to distill a sense of nostalgia in his Fall/Winter 2017 collection. The creative director has been...

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INTERVIEW | Gypsy Sport’s Creative Director Rio Uribe

By Robin Torres

Gypsy Sport's Fall/Winter 2017 runway show was unquestionably unique and, at the very least, original. Unlike many shows, it didn’t start with bright lights or loud music or a star-studded front...

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Leaving Some Room for a Touch of Luxury

By Robin Torres

New York Fashion Week provides a platform for designers to express themselves and, among other recurrent themes, a major one this season has been how they would respond to current events (if they...

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Fashion Makes a Statement One Slogan at a Time

By Robin Torres

With all the political unrest happening around the world, it’s no surprise some designers weighed in on the conversation. How could they not? While some opted for a more symbolic and focused...

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Trend Watch: Masculinity Redefined

By Robin Torres

Suits – whether pants or blazers – have often been associated with a form of power, or at least accepted and recognized as projecting a sense of being “down to business" and needing to be "taken...

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Fashion Fights Back: NYFW is All About Empowering Women

By Robin Torres & Sarah Owen

It’s safe to say the United States – and the world for that matter – has not quite been the same since this past November. There’s a certain confusion and worry in the air, and what might have felt...

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INTERVIEW | Lacoste's Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista

By Robin Torres

With a progressive season titled "Back to the Future," Felipe Oliveira Baptista looked back in order to move forward. Drawing from Rene Lacoste's early exploration within the aircraft...

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NYFW Gets the Cold Shoulder

By Robin Torres

Designers turned their attention to the shoulder during day two of fashion week, using various techniques to update simplistic silhouettes. One can’t help but wonder if the increase in shoulder...

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Calvin Klein Gets the Raf Simons Treatment: Bold Brave and Political

By Robin Torres

Using the powerful combination of art, music, and fashion, Raf Simons unveiled his highly anticipated ready-to-wear collection for Calvin Klein today in New York. Things immediately felt different....