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Take Me To The Ball

By Jessica Bumpus

Couture is the ultimate celebration of craft, the work of the hand, the artisan, the time and detail and love that go into each piece. There’s no doubting that and it’s a wonderful thing to behold....

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Couture: More Than Pretty Dresses

By Jessica Bumpus

Ring it up, bag it up. Jean Paul Gaultier decided to drop the ready-to-wear side of his label back in 2014 to focus on perfume and couture and it's a move that has served him well – today's...

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Maison Margiela Artisanal: Pirates Protesters and Punks...oh my!

By Elisabeta Tudor

Ever since VETEMENTS decided to put fashion's status quo upside and disrupt the industry's hierarchy and frantic pace, all eyes have been set on Demna Gvasalia in whom the industry saw a potential...

Maison Margiela
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Chanel's Celebration of Craftsmanship

By Elisabeta Tudor

Whether in ready-to-wear or Couture, the set design of a Chanel show always plays an important part in Karl Lagerfeld's seasonal offering. In fact, it has a decisive impact on the collection's...

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Paris Haute-Couture: The Tux Trend!

By Jessica Bumpus

For the most part, dresses are the mainstay of couture. Pretty princess dresses. There’s no end of them to fulfil any kind of whimsical fairy-tale fantasy you may have. But they’re not for...

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Meet The Man Making Couture Sexy

By Jessica Bumpus

All calm and serene before the grand reveal of his couture collection this week and the only thing designer Alexandre Vauthier was worried about was whether his English would be good enough for a...

Alexandre Vauthier
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The Caped Crusaders of Couture

By Jessica Bumpus

Couture, by its very bespoke and personal nature, tends not to lend itself to trends. That sort of defeats the point. But, this season, there is an overriding prevalence of one so far: the cape....

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“Alien Glamour”: Francesco Scognamiglio

By Jessica Bumpus

Italian designer Francesco Scognamiglio felt more than a little bit at home joining the couture schedule for the first time this season.     “Couture is my DNA. It would be really...

Francesco Scognamiglio
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By Elisabeta Tudor

See How Demna Gvasalia is Leaving Indelible Marks on Our Collective Imagination What to do when you're the hottest and most talked about fashion label of the moment? Before other brands dare to...

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What kind of couture client are you?

Article by Jessica Bumpus & Elisabeta Tudor

From the runway into your wish! For those who attend the couture shows to watch not shop, the collections provide the ultimate in a fantasy fashion playground – whether you're a...

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The 10 Most Unexpected Trends of Menswear

By Jessica Bumpus

We already know who did what (look back over our extensive coverage!) and what the prevailing trends were from this menswear season – they do tend to take hold quite quickly once you detect a mood....

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Positive Thinking With Paul Smith

By Jessica Bumpus

Paul Smith only had one thing on his mind when it came to his Spring/Summer 2017 show this season: a sense of cheer and optimism. Hoorah! “Happiness in this strange world we live in and the idea...

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How to be a Bad Boy

By Elisabeta Tudor

This season's menswear had it all: deconstructed tailoring, punk and techno inspired styles, travel infused collections, gender fluid designs, and last but certainly not least, the bad boy effect....

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Paris: You’ve Been Punk’d

By Jessica Bumpus

Paris is having a punk moment. Renegade spirit, plaid, studs, stylish anarchy: they’ve all taken to the catwalk this week.   The Louis Vuitton menswear Spring/Summer 2017 show, Paris, by...

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5 Signs You’re a Balmainorak

By Jessica Bumpus

Let me explain. An anorak is not just a type of coat with a hood. It’s also a colloquial terminology for someone who is a little bit obsessive about a specific thing. And it’s safe to say that ever...