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Pitti Uomo Celebrates Individual Harmony

By Sofia Celeste

Bare chested boys, pirates and hipsters on wheels were just a few of the unlikely peacocks strutting their unique personal style to the speaker-sounds of birds chirping at Pitti Uomo 92.  And,...

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Sex Glitter and Chinos at J.W. Anderson's Spring 2018

By Sofia Celeste

JW. Anderson Fashion Show Photo by Gio Statiano for NOWFASHION Florence, Italy - J.W. Anderson has a lot of ideas. With his broody, endearing, boyish gaze, the young gun is riding the wave of...

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STATE OF PLAY: Fighting Back at London's Menswear Shows

By John-Michael O'Sullivan

It might have been the sunny first day of a shiny new season, but it was impossible to ignore the uneasy, morning-after feeling that hung over London’s menswear shows yesterday. It's still less...

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London SS18: Made in the 80s?

By Jessica Bumpus

In the realms of womenswear, the Eighties has been hanging around as a style sticking point for some time now. But among menswear, it’s taken a little more time to catch up. That time is nigh,...

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Martine Rose: The Buzz & The Balenciaga Gig

By Jessica Bumpus

As first jobs go, consulting for Balenciaga isn’t a bad one. And ten years after launching her namesake label that’s exactly what Martine Rose has found herself doing - all the while finding her...

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London’s Crystal Ball?

By Jessica Bumpus

By now we all know that London Fashion Week Men’s is celebrating five years of existence. And, of course, once again conversation quickly turns to the future of menswear fashion week: how...

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NOW WE ARE FIVE: Coming of Age at London’s Menswear Shows

By John-Michael O'Sullivan

There was a time, not too long ago, when it would have seemed unimaginable that London could support a standalone menswear week. For decades, the city’s menswear designers showed everywhere BUT in...

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By Nabil Aliffi

Khalid Qasimi stood rather invisibly in the corner as he watched guests dissect his collection. The designer has been showing his namesake label at London Fashion Week for a few seasons now. Each...

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By Nabil Aliffi

What’s in a name? Minutes before the show, I caved in to a click bait article that may well hold the key to Kiko Kostadinov’s overnight success: the title read, “15 ways your child's name sets them...

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Royal College Of Art: what it takes to be the Harvard of fashion

By Nabil Aliffi

For many, the Royal College of Art (RCA) is the apex of fashion education. As Pro-Rector Professor Narren Barfield took his seat among the guests, he was heard within earshot assuring that this...

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INTERVIEW | Maria Grazia Chiuri - Dior

By Stefano Roncato - MFFashion

It's a story that begins with her; with a smile... an infectious laugh. The eyes are quick; they look without judging. The rings are like messages wrapped around her fingers, and there's that...

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The Future of Finnish Fashion

By Jessica Bumpus

Shy by nature but not shy by design, here’s something you might not know about the Finns: their renowned design heritage is in sync with that of Asia. Even though, geographically speaking, the two...

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An homage to KANGHYUK’s unique aesthetic

By Samantha Lewis

KANGHYUK x MACHINE-A / SHOWstudio x H. LORENZO A special collaboration/partnership with D /ARK /CONCEPT Less than a year after graduating, KANGHYUK’s featherweight creations already carry some...

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Tbilisi Fashion Week | An alternative to the catwalk shows

By Gemma A Williams

In typically unorthodox style, Tbilisi Fashion Week opened with a performance starring models in traditional Georgian-dress, miming scenes from the movies of Soviet actress Sofiko Chiaureli. This...

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Photo by Gio Staiano

Part of the mystery of any given photograph is the fact that it was taken at a certain time, in a certain place and time keeps moving on. A photograph might be a moment in time preserved, but the...