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What kind of couture client are you?

Article by Jessica Bumpus & Elisabeta Tudor

From the runway into your wish! For those who attend the couture shows to watch not shop, the collections provide the ultimate in a fantasy fashion playground – whether you're a...

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The 10 Most Unexpected Trends of Menswear

By Jessica Bumpus

We already know who did what (look back over our extensive coverage!) and what the prevailing trends were from this menswear season – they do tend to take hold quite quickly once you detect a mood....

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Positive Thinking With Paul Smith

By Jessica Bumpus

Paul Smith only had one thing on his mind when it came to his Spring/Summer 2017 show this season: a sense of cheer and optimism. Hoorah! “Happiness in this strange world we live in and the idea...

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How to be a Bad Boy

By Elisabeta Tudor

This season's menswear had it all: deconstructed tailoring, punk and techno inspired styles, travel infused collections, gender fluid designs, and last but certainly not least, the bad boy effect....

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Paris: You’ve Been Punk’d

By Jessica Bumpus

Paris is having a punk moment. Renegade spirit, plaid, studs, stylish anarchy: they’ve all taken to the catwalk this week.   The Louis Vuitton menswear Spring/Summer 2017 show, Paris, by...

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5 Signs You’re a Balmainorak

By Jessica Bumpus

Let me explain. An anorak is not just a type of coat with a hood. It’s also a colloquial terminology for someone who is a little bit obsessive about a specific thing. And it’s safe to say that ever...

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The Anatomy of Paris Men

By Jessica Bumpus & Elisabeta Tudor

Big names, big houses, and indie frontrunners – that's what Paris is all about. With the third leg of the Spring/Summer 2017 menswear shows now almost over, we bring you the latest runway...

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Paris in a snapshot

By Jessica Bumpus & Elisabeta Tudor

Big names, big houses, and indie frontrunners – that's what Paris is all about. With the third leg of the Spring/Summer 2017 menswear shows now underway, we bring you the highlights from all the...

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Are You a Balenciaga Boy?

By Jessica Bumpus

Do you wear oversized jackets with elongated boxy shoulders? Do you wear to-the-knee, reasonably high-heeled boots? Do they meet the hems of tight shorts? Does it look like you've put on your dad's...

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Talkin' About That Generation: All Of Them!

By Jessica Bumpus

Slick suiting is not the only thing on offer at Milan Fashion Week, axiomatic, of course at Gucci, but seen across the board. MSGM’s Massimo Giorgetti – and now creative director at Emilio Pucci –...

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Armani Me - Armani You !

By Jessica Bumpus

Showing us he has a good old-fashioned sense of humour and knows how to poke a bit of fun at himself – or celebrate himself, or both – Giorgio Armani sent out a winner of a T-shirt among his...

Giorgio Armani
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Gucci: The Art of Whimsical Seduction

By Jessica Bumpus

When it comes to seductive whimsy, Alessandro Michele is nailing it. Creative director at Gucci since January 2015 (where he made a U-turn of a debut), the designer has so coined a look and reborn...

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Milan: Message Me

By Jessica Bumpus

We might be here to see clothes, but that can sometimes take a backseat. It does for Vivienne Westwood. You turn up to a collection, not to see its theme or inspiration per se – because she’s...

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Gap Year Glam: Prada’s On Point

By Jessica Bumpus

When you think of Prada, you think of three things: the conceptual-crazy side of the designer’s collections that the fashion industry all sit and try to decipher; her signature side (we all know...

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Pitti Uomo: Two And A Half Men

By Elisabeta Tudor

The iconic Florentine menswear trade-show, as seen by Raffaello Napoleone, Raf Simons – and his collection's muse, Robert Mapplethorpe. What's new at Pitti Uomo? This time around, the...