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#MBFWRussia: From Moscow with love

By Greg Kohler

For the passengers flying to The Russian Federation, the local airline announced that only one piece of hand luggage was allowed on board. However, if one wants to blend in, that baggage rule...

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What Will Be In Your Wardrobe Next Season?

By Jessica Bumpus

This is possibly the first season there is no real answer to what has now become something of an over-prescriptive question. In case you hadn’t noticed, fashion is in flux right now – which means...

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Trending: Off-White

By Elisabeta Tudor

What is Off-White and who is Virgil Abloh, you ask? Well, get your facts checked and your fashionpedia updated as you might miss out on one of today's most promising ready-to-wear talents...

Flux zoom

Dissecting The “F” Word

By Jessica Bumpus

A CUP of coffee between shows in Paris and the conversation turns to the only topic it can: what is going on in fashion right now? And by which we don’t mean hemlines, colours, and cuts. That’s...

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#PFW: See Now Buy Now

By Jessica Bumpus & Elisabeta Tudor

Fashion month is cause for serious wardrobe (re)consideration. And no more so than Autumn/Winter 2016 when the whole fashion landscape found itself in flux and a new see-now-buy-now model became...

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How to Achieve Chanelegance

By Jessica Bumpus

IT was those slingback shoes from Fall/Winter 2015 (the only shoe of the show); it was that supermarket dash of a set for Fall/Winter 2014; it was checking ourselves into Chanel airways complete...

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By Jessica Bumpus & Elisabeta Tudor

The brands and the pieces we'd like to buy straight from the runway in the third instalment of our catwalk trolley dash in-keeping with fashion's new penchant for seeing now and buying now. If...

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Paris & the Dynamite Dress

By Jessica Bumpus

WHERE London and Milan were about playing dress-up, up up, Paris isn’t interested. Send a damn good dress down the catwalk and the job is done. There are no fairy lights, bells, or whistles...

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Trending: Givenchy's Iconoclasts

By Elisabeta Tudor

Riccardo Tisci is a trouble-maker. Since his appointment at the creative helm of Givenchy in 2005, Tisci has been turning the codes and standards of the French heritage house upside down, making...

Chloe ready to wear fall winter 2016 paris 2082 1457001073 mediumbigthumb 1457001073 zoom

#PFW: see now buy now

By Jessica Bumpus & Elisabeta Tudor

  In the second instalment of our see-now-buy-now shopping list at Paris Fashion Week, see who and what has made the grade when it comes to our imaginary and premature seasonal trolley...

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What does Paris mean?

By Jessica Bumpus

FIVE days of shows down (with old, new, emerging, and hyped names among them) and it’s the ideal time to check in and see what the lay of the Paris land is. What does it mean now? Front row this...

Diorcover zoom

Paris: in the interim... From Lanvin to Dior

By Jessica Bumpus

INTERIM collections, they're proving to be a bit of a thing in Paris. Lanvin showed for the first time sans Alber (Chemena Kamali and Lucio Finale steering the ship for the time being) and Dior...

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Trending: Welcome to the VETEMENTS-mania!

By Elisabeta Tudor

Unless you've been living under a rock without any contact with the human species (or unless you're not really interested in fashion – but if you read this, we assume that you are), you can't...

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Backstage talk: Manish Arora – French knighthood

By Elisabeta Tudor

Backstage after his runway show, Manish Arora was in a joyful mood. And he had plenty of good reasons to celebrate: not only did he offer another beautifully executed and outlandish womenswear...

Manish Arora
Maison margiela to wear fall winter 2016 paris 7326 1456913979 mediumbigthumb zoom

#PFW: See Now Buy Now

By Jessica Bumpus & Elisabeta Tudor

The last season in which the shows will work in the way we (the fashion press and those who take an interest outside of them) traditionally know them to, next season will see the first play-out of...