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Prada: The Boa Is Back – And In A Brilliant New Guise

By Jessica Bumpus

Aside from the lust-worthy clipboard-style clutches (big, bejewelled, and bold), the plume-dusted shoes (pretty pointed kitten heels), the molten medallions (seriously shiny) looped around the...

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8 Signs You’re On Planet Moschino

By Jessica Bumpus

Since his appointment at the label in 2013, Jeremy Scott has consistently managed to put his modern spin on the heritage Italian house – his personal signatures the perfect match for that of a...

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Fendi’s Milan Takeover

By Sofia Celeste

Romans have a saying about Milan.  “The best thing about Milan is the train that takes you back to Rome.” In the Italian fashion capital, a city defined by its mosquitoes and muggy weather, there...

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Are You A Gucci Groupie?

By Jessica Bumpus

There’s no getting away from the fact that Gucci is God-like in fashion right now. Even to those who might not necessarily realise the reason they’re wearing more sparkle and spangle, a pleated...

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Fausto Puglisi: The Father Son and Holy Clothes

By Sofia Celeste

With the face of the blessed Madonna hovering over the fashion crowd, Fausto Puglisi's Spring/Summer 2017 collection exhibited men and women in a fiery cage of the damned.  Models crawled around...

Fausto Puglisi
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Is This The New Way To Wear Your Bag? Yes.

By Jessica Bumpus

We’re only one day into Milan Fashion Week but already the Italian style capital has thrown up a pretty convincing trend for the Spring/Summer 2017 season: wear your bag back to front and wear it...

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THE INTERVIEW | N°21 - Alessandro Dell’Acqua

By Stefano Roncato

A slight hint of a tan points to Alessandro Dell'Acqua's relaxed state of mind. Colour created by the sun on a recent trip, in a collision between a nocturnal world and the heat of the day. And...

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The Interview | Fausto Puglisi

Today the floor of Fausto Puglisi’s new studio is like a fitting room turned on its side, covered in fragments of precious fabrics, part-finished embroidered details, and clothes dotted with the...

Fausto Puglisi
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Maker’s Marks: Up Close and Personal at London Fashion Week

By John-Michael O'Sullivan

If you’re into real estate porn, then London Fashion Week is the place to go. September’s shows always coincide with Open House, an annual unlocking of the city’s finest private buildings – but,...

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5 Ways To Do Pretty at LFW

By Jessica Bumpus

Fashion loves a mood. And at London Fashion Week it’s one that feels decidedly pretty. But of course, this is London and “pretty” to one person means something quite different to another. Here are...

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By John-Michael O'Sullivan

A few years back, the National Portrait Gallery ran an exhibition on the legendary fashion photographer Norman Parkinson. The subtitle, "A Very British Glamour," was both apt and apologetic;...

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Burberry : Now You See It; Now You Buy It!

By Jessica Bumpus

The question we so often attempt to answer come show season is what you'll be wearing next season. So it seems like a slightly strange sentence to write when it comes to Burberry – because we were...

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Dress Code

By John-Michael O'Sullivan

Uniforms are funny things. We spend most of our youth straining to get out of them – and then spend the rest of our lives trying to get back into them, over and over again. And in Britain, the...

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Rethinking The Bomber Jacket – Here’s How

By Jessica Bumpus

There’s no getting away from the fact that the bomber jacket has been a favourite in fashion of late. For guys and for girls, it’s been a catwalk mainstay. But it’s not for everyone. Maybe you...

Antonio Berardi
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Donatella carries the torch

By Nabil Aliffi

The void that Anthony Vaccarello left is one that could only be filled by the proprietor of Versace herself, the inimitable Donatella Versace. Her rare appearance during curtain call at the Versus...