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Always Look On The Bright Side of Life: Here's How

By Jessica Bumpus

“We live in pessimistic times, but we can be optimistic,” reasoned Matthew Miller, one of London’s leading menswear names, backstage after his Autumn/Winter 2017 show. “Last year was full of...

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Our friends in the North: locating British menswear at LFWM

By John-Michael O'Sullivan

When we say British menswear, we mean London; we mean Savile Row tailoring, Carnaby Street Mod gear, the ever-changing rainbow of East End style tribes. But if there's one thing that last year's...

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BRAND NEW YOU: Hitting the Restart Button at London’s Menswear Shows

By John-Michael O'Sullivan

Another season starts in London. In lots of ways, it’s the same as ever – bleary-eyed audiences, still sleepwalking from Christmas hibernation and propped up by caffeine and beer; shop windows...

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Politics & Power Rangers: Welcome to 2017!

By Jessica Bumpus

When the world is falling down around us (which it is, by the way), there’s only ever one of two things to do: protest and take a stand about it, or wish yourself away to a fictitious fantasy land...

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Do men really wear the clothes we see on the catwalk?

By Jessica Bumpus

  As any woman who has male friends that orbit the non-fashion world or who are generally rather disinterested by it will know, anything vaguely interesting or a little “conceptual” on the...

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The Year in Fashion - Looking Back & Looking Forward

By Jessica Bumpus

As one year ends and a new one waits in the wings of December, we asked some of our favourite fashion folk to share with us their highlights of 2016 and what they’re looking forward to most as 2017...

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THE INTERVIEW | Versace - Donatella Versace

By Stefano Roncato

Like breathing in a whiff of perfume with your eyes closed: evocative, intriguing, magnetic. It must be her surname, the Olympus of fashion. It must be her first name, instantly recognizable even...

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Concept & photo by Valerio Mezzanotti Style by Ali El Yahiaoui

Download the NOWFASHION iOS or Android app and watch the 360 film "Look at Me" Fake money, real plastic Stupid cupid, fantastic Queer thinking, straight talking What you see ain't what you...

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Victoria's Secret: What Kind of Angel Are You?

By Elisabeta Tudor

    'Tis this time of the year again – time for the world's sexiest TV event show. The Victoria's Secret Angels landed in the City of Love to spread their wings over the runway set in the...

Victoria's Secret
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EDITORIAL | São Paulo: Beyond the City

When it comes to Brazil, there’s so much more than the bikini or the colourful carnival. Welcome, then, to Sao Paulo and its 42nd fashion week, where designers fully embraced the see-now-buy-now...

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The latest from the world of fashion: Portugal Fashion Week

By Federico Poletti

Portugal is fashionable, both as a sought-after tourist destination and thanks to the increasing excitement around Portugal Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in the Iberian...

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What Is Frenchness In 2016?

By Elisabeta Tudor

Frenchness. La Francité, for the proud ones. La Franchouillardise, for its detractors. Ou à la bonne franquette for those who don't really care for anything else but food. And what better way is...

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Meet Dubai's Darling: Furne One of Amato

By Elisabeta Tudor

His name might not ring a bell to some – but if you haven't heard of him yet, you better start keeping an eye on his surreal and extravagant womenswear collections! The Filipino designer Furne One...

Amato by Furne One
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SPFW: Dispelling The Bikini Myth

By Jessica Bumpus

Whenever I say I’m heading off to São Paulo for fashion week, I receive the same response from those I tell. “Lots of swimwear?” – but it's the wrong answer.      Top Model Gisele Bundchen at...

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See It Buy It Style It: Patrícia Viera at SPFW

By Jessica Bumpus

Just as talk of see-now-buy-now was rife across the four international fashion capitals this past month, it spread like wild fire onto São Paulo this season, a “season-less” one at that and the...

Patricia Viera