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The Many Personalities of Paris: Which One Is You?

By Jessica Bumpus

It’s amazing how you can start the day in a beautiful relaxed bohemian daze (Chloe) and end it sitting on a foam cube in a cult street-sports scene (Off/White). And somewhere between that traverse...

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Paris In The Beginning….

By Jessica Bumpus

It’s become universally known that Paris Fashion Week is no longer just about the last few days, plus Friday because of Dior. What you want to be doing is getting yourself here from the outset....

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The One To Watch: Neith Nyer

By Elisabeta Tudor

"What's the first rule of Fight Club?" an editor asked backstage at the Neith Nyer show in Paris. "You do not talk about Fight Club," joked Francisco Terra when discussing his Spring/Summer 2017...

Neith Nyer
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Vionnet: Time For Your Close-Up

By Jessica Bumpus

Goga Ashkenazi wants you to take a closer look at the house of Vionnet. A much closer look. “This is a photograph of the South of France,” she points out backstage, minus 25 minutes before show...

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THE INTERVIEW | Dries Van Noten

By Stefano Roncato

Freedom. This first, fundamental word is the key to understanding the world of Dries Van Noten, to open up a universe where everything matches effortlessly, with the style and elegance that is in...

Dries Van Noten
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How To Get Italian Style?

By Jessica Bumpus

Ask anyone what Milan means when it comes to fashion and the answer is pretty much the same. “Milan has always been the more ‘serious’ and ‘traditional’ city for runway shows. It guarantees top...

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Milan: Let’s Get Waist-ed & More

By Jessica Bumpus

It’s safe to say that Milan has felt the Vetements effect alright: dishevelled shirts and oversized Balenciaga shapes in their plenty on offer for Spring/Summer 2017 – in fact, you’ll be...

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The Catwalk and the Social Media Hussle

By Sofia Celeste

Fashion shows nowadays keep journalists busy with more than just their moleskins and a pen. The lights dim and the show kicks off – smartphones are aglow, snapping, filming,...

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Meeting Milan’s Happiest Man: Arthur Arbesser

By Jessica Bumpus

It’s something of a universal acknowledgment in fashion that Arthur Arbesser is a really great guy. He boasts a firm handshake, is full of beans, has great curly hair, and always seems to have a...

Arthur Arbesser
Invasion zoom

Milan and the Pirate Invasion

By Sofia Celeste

When a nation is vulnerable, that's when the invaders come. And while the locals may bemoan the foreign competition – let’s just say that the pirates, through the support of Milan’s fashion...

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Vanotti on Being Compared to Armani

By Sofia Celeste

Drops of water falling into a metal pan on the runway created a slow, smooth staccato at the Lucio Vanotti Spring/Summer 2017 show where half the models swept by silently in white...

Lucio Vanotti
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Pausing For Thought at Bottega And Beyond

By Jessica Bumpus

There was a wonderful moment this morning when, post an epic Bottega Veneta show that gave us the earthiest rainbow colour palette of a parade, a great call list of names (Lauren Hutton closed the...

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Prada: The Boa Is Back – And In A Brilliant New Guise

By Jessica Bumpus

Aside from the lust-worthy clipboard-style clutches (big, bejewelled, and bold), the plume-dusted shoes (pretty pointed kitten heels), the molten medallions (seriously shiny) looped around the...

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8 Signs You’re On Planet Moschino

By Jessica Bumpus

Since his appointment at the label in 2013, Jeremy Scott has consistently managed to put his modern spin on the heritage Italian house – his personal signatures the perfect match for that of a...

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Fendi’s Milan Takeover

By Sofia Celeste

Romans have a saying about Milan.  “The best thing about Milan is the train that takes you back to Rome.” In the Italian fashion capital, a city defined by its mosquitoes and muggy weather, there...