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Carlo capasa interview thumb

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Carlo Capasa on Italian sustainable fashion

Carlo Capasa, president of the Italian Chamber of Fashion discusses giving the chance to the young generation to work and the launch of the upcoming 'Green Carpet Fashion Awards', he compares to...

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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Maurizio Pecoraro on his Fall/Winter 2017 collection

The Maurizio Pecoraro Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear collection started from the idea of a classic tailored blazer to which the designer added the influence of two contemporary artists Jack Pierson...

Maurizio Pecoraro
Au jour le jour video thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Diego Marquez on his Fall/Winter 2017 collection for Au Jour Le Jour

One half of the designing duo behing the Italian brand, Au Jour Le Jour, designer Diego Marquez introduces their Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear offering: "This collection represents an important...

Au jour le jour
Leitmotiv video thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Fabio Sasso on his Fall/Winter 2017 collection for Leitmotiv

Designer Fabio Sasso took inspiration from the "Leit-Baroque" (understand it as the brand's interpretation of the baroque style). Get ready for a hyper-decorated universe with Leitmotiv's...

Cividini preview  thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Piero Cividini about his Fall/Winter 2017 collection

The starting point of the Cividini Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear collection was legendary movie "Doctor Zhivago" from the sixties for designer Piero Cividini who shares an exclusive sneak-peek...

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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Anna Molinari on her Fall/Winter 2017 collection for Blumarine

The Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear show will be Blumarine's 40th anniversary celebration and the revival of some the brand's greatest hits. Join Anna Molinari for an exclusive sneak-peek before the...

Antonio marras video thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Antonio Marras on his Fall/Winter 2017 collection

The starting point of Antonio Marras' Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear collection was a woman in the late 19th century, called Eva Mameli, an Italian botanist and naturalist. Ahead of the show, have...

Antonio Marras
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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Gaia Trussardi on her Fall/Winter 2017 collection

Keeping the same inspiration for the menswear and ready-to-wear collections, Gaia Trussardi brought out a warm palette of colors with eye-popping prints with the Fall/Winter 2017 collection to be...

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INTERVIEW | Andreas Melbostad on his Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2017 collection

"This season is all about the silhouette" at Diesel Black Gold and designer Andreas Melbostad tell you why in this exclusive interview and preview of his Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear collection...

Diesel Black Gold
Byblos video thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Manuel Facchini on his Fall/Winter 2017 collection for Byblos Milano

"The main idea of this collection is a trip on a motorbike. At high-speed, you see everything deformed and transformed. Nothing seems the same."  Designer Manuel Facchini gives us a first glimpse...

Anteprima video thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Izumi Ogino about her Fall/Winter 2017 collection for Anteprima

"I like to keep the standard while looking far from it," and so was the main theme to Anteprima's upcoming Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear collection to be unveiled at Milan Fashion Week, as...

Genny video thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Sara Cavazza Facchini on her Fall/Winter 2017 collection for Genny

"For this collection I was inspired by the 'Eighties Deco'. I worked with the shapes typical of the 80s: big shoulders, short dresses, high boots," shared designer Sara Cavazza Facchini about her...

Francesco interview thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Francesco Scognamiglio about his Fall/Winter 2017 collection

"Everything starts from an aesthetic evolution and I was thinking about this beautiful image of a butterfly, about its color but especially about its structure," shared Italian designer Francesco...

Francesco Scognamiglio
Carlo capasa video thumb

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW | Carlo Capasa on the Italian Fashion Industry

With Milan Fashion Week kicking off today, chairman of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Carlo Capasa shares why it's a very good time for Milan and the Italian fashion industry with a...

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VIDEO | Introducing Coach's latest Spring/Summer 2017 campaign

Shot on location in Liberty State Park with New York as its backdrop, Stuart Vevers’ latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection fuses classic American style with counterculture influences—an homage to...

Coach 1941