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VIDEO | H&M Foundation presents new projects

The people voice was the most important, 120,000 people told what to fight for. H&M Foundation presents new projects, watch the video     jwplayer("videoContent").setup({wmode:"window",...

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VIDEO | Levi's #501 jeans documentary

In the 1950s, rockability musicians started wearing 501 jeans onstage. It was considered outrageous at the time while today it's hard to find a musician who does not wear Levi's. View the exclusive...

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VIDEO | Backstage with Dua Lipa for Foot Locker

"Fashion and style does play a big role. I think it's really exciting to add another dimension to the music," shares British singer and model Dua Lipa behind the scenes of the her Foot Locker...

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VIDEO | A Closer Look at the NikeLab ACG.07.KMTR

After unveiling its collection of all conditions gear for Spring/Summer 2017, have a closer look at NikeLab’s ACG.07.KMTR footwear model. With assistance from Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM, NikeLab...

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VIDEO | The best moments of Dior's Cruise 2018 show

The discovery of the Lascaux cave, in 1940, had a profound influence on the artists of the time. In 1951, Christian Dior appropriated these rock paintings, making a print from them for his 'Ovale'...

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VIDEO | Pitti Uomo 92 presents Boom Pitti Blooms

Presenting the new Digital Art Project accompanying the Pitti Uomo 92 exhibitions, discover the new creative ideas that blossom just like flowers: improbable, effervescent and ironic, in this...

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VIDEO | Introducing the Moncler Postcards series

From Los Angeles to Capri, Moncler takes you on holiday with its latest Postcards series, realized in collaboration with the Parisian artist Jean-Philippe...

Moncler Grenoble
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VIDEO | Vans presents "All The Way Down"

A journey through Milan, Rome, and Naples, the three most important and fervent cities of Italy. 24 days long from North to South. The whole Vans Italy team took a skate trip around the most famous...

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VIDEO | Who is Gabrielle?

Over the last few weeks Chanel has released three short films starring Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne and Caroline de Maigret, all made for Chanel's Gabrielle bag campaign; the fourth and final...

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VIDEO | Dior presents the savoir-faire of the Japan collection bags

From the original conception to the final tweaks, with the hand painting of the leather and the placement of the studs along the way, discover the secrets behind the making of the Lady Dior and...

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VIDEO | Soul Scene: Gucci unveils its Pre-Fall 2017 campaign

Shot in the colorful London club of Mildmay, the new Gucci campaign directed by British fashion photographer Glen Luchford for the Pre-Fall 2017 collection, explores the freedom of expression,...

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VIDEO | Tous presents 'Tender Stories N°6' starring Gwyneth Paltrow

Discover the story of a relationship between a mother and daughter who manage to share every moment, even those that are life-changing, despite the distance that divides them. Follow American...

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VIDEO | Ivy Park introduces the SS17 campaign

Spring/Summer 2017 marks the continuing evolution for Ivy Park. For the first time, the seasonal campaign will include a cast of talented women who appear with Beyonce, showcasing Ivy Park as a...

Ivy Park
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VIDEO | Blumarine unveils "Roses" the first chapter of the Blumarine Stories Fashion Films

Blumarine presents Blumarine Stories, a special project that sees the creation of six video stories that celebrate the values ​​of the brand. These values also represent the six chapters of the...

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VIDEO | Reebok presents Cotton & Corn

Reebok has just announced its Cotton + Corn initiative, which aims to produce shoes made using sustainable materials. And the best thing about it? Once the shoes are worn out, they can be used as...