Cindy Chao Haute Joaillerie

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Cindy Chao Haute Joaillerie

I am always astonished and in awe whenever I see 19th century jewelry craftsmanship of jewelry from the Napoleonic era. As an artist in the 21st century utilizing this centuries-old craft, I am very honored to have the ability to pass on this long-lost artistry for generations to come. I hope more artists will be able to understand and continue this sophisticated delicate craft which captures the real essence behind jewelry art.

When an Art Jewel is stamped with CINDY CHAO, it equals flawless perfection. However, this perfection means enormous work with detailed and specific production steps, thousands of working hours, designer's perseverance, relentless attention and an absolute intransigency for extraordinary quality in every step of her art.

Founded in 2004, her fine collections are highly sought on global platforms of premier auction houses including Christie’s New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Philips De Pury New-York, where exceptional biographies and introductions were dedicated to the brand.

Butterflies have always been a favorite of the artist. Each year since the brand’s inception, a new and original bejeweled butterfly has soared in the jewelry world.
A collection of stunning butterflies that fits perfectly with the Fall/Winter trend this year...