De Beers Haute Joaillerie

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De Beers Haute Joaillerie

Aria: A Dance of Light

Like dancers leaping through the air, the pieces in De Beers haute couture jewelry collection presented Thursday in Paris, contain movement in the swirls of diamonds that wrap around the neckline or the finger or wrist.

Playing further on the dance theme, the collection, which includes seven unique pieces, is thought of by the legendary house as a fusion of ethereal dance and illuminated performance whose momentum grows as the collection progresses.

Presented in a venue close to the Place Vendome, where several jewelry houses showed new designs on Thursday, this collection plays with polished gold and pave diamonds to create motifs and angles that intensify the interplay of reflection and light.

The showpiece Aria necklace made from 5 carat diamonds is a swirl of petals like links in blue Aventurine stone and diamond joined together in a chain that looks, one could imagine, like swimmers dancing in the water, forming a link with their hands.

The blue and diamond swirls can be seen again on bracelets and rings and cuffs like individual performers that have branched off from the main ring to stand in solo glory.

For the De Beers Aria tassel necklace, there are cascading lines of diamonds hanging gracefully from the central Aria design like drips of water.

The house presented the designs with a beautiful kit showing workmanship in progress for the hundreds of hours that have gone into designing the pieces.