Dior Haute Joaillerie

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Dior Haute Joaillerie

Miniature versions of iconic dresses from the house of Dior from 1947 to 1950, decorate the couture salon at the house's Avenue Montaigne address, where 44 pieces from its latest jewelry collection, Archi Dior, inspired by the clothing designs are on display.

The name of the collection draws on the architectural style found in some of the period pieces and the archives of the house.

The collection also includes 21 one of-a-kind pieces that are mostly sold out, although new unique pieces will be added in September.

The collection shows a fluidity between some of Dior's most iconic dress designs and its jewelry, rendered here in diamonds and precious stones but given some level of originality in the shapes thanks to the sartorial twist. The display is delightful.

Consider the Bar suit which is on show next to the fancy high jewelry pieces it inspired.

The Bar Suit is also mixed in with Raf Simons' Miss Dior dress for some of the pieces in this Bar series.

But what exactly happens when you turn dresses into jewelry?

Some of the earrings look like miniature dresses with cinched waists designed here to dangle from the ears. They look rather pretty.

Other inspirations include the Francis Poulenc dress that gave birth to a vertical set of jewelry with hundreds of hours taken to set one ring in the workshop for this series alone.

Miniature dresses on display include the Panier Perce dress and the lavish Junon dress that looks as rich as some of the jewelry creations with diamonds set on the tulle folds.

On the mantelpiece in the room decorated in gray fabric a la Dior, are other miniatures, including the Corolle.

Other dresses that inspired the jewels include the Cocotte, the Songe dress and the Soiree.

Perhaps Dior can start a miniature doll line next!