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Fake money, real plastic
Stupid cupid, fantastic
Queer thinking, straight talking
What you see ain't what you are getting
Fast loving, slow moving
No rhythm, but I'm grooving
Old feeling, new beginning
Superficial expectations
- Look at me



from left to right: Ezra Couture, Said Mahrouf, Michael Cinco, Hussein Bazaza


from left to right: Ezra Couture, Michael Cinco, Orkalia


from left to right: Orkalia, Said Mahrouf, Hussein Bazaza, Michael Cinco, Ezra Couture


from left to right: Michael Cinco, Ezra Couture, Said Mahrouf


dress: Michael Cinco


from left to right: Dima Ayad, Kage, Pervers, Hissa Zainal, Bouguessa


from left to right: BouguessaHissa Zainal, Kage, Pervers


from left to right: Dima Ayad, Kage



Concept & Photo: Valerio Mezzanotti
Style: Ali El Yahiaoui
Makeup: Mariam Khairallah M.A.C.
Models: Vanessa Geens, Chanel Ayan, Prachi Mishra, Elena Prodan, Simona Lung

Special thanks: Fashion Forward Dubai, Jane June, Gillian Byron, Saif Ali Khan, Tala Qaraeen, MMG Models, Shock Models, Marcella Danielova, Saira Mehar, Leena Saoub Saunders, Dubai Design District, Caroline Kristy Fahmy, Mac Cosmetics.

The 360 film was shot with Samsung Gear 360.