Felipe Oliveira Baptista Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Paris

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Felipe Oliveira Baptista Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2012 Paris


You have to love Felipe Oliveira Baptista! Thereby, we are not only referring to his very coherent yet nonchalant collections, but also to the designer himself: no one else but Baptista gets through with mixing Azealia Banks to baile funk beats as a musical understatement of his shows. The designer obviously hit the nail on the head again: his new fall collection being as jovial, sensuous and fresh as his chosen soundtrack.

Last season the Lacoste head-designer was all about sky diving and zipped parachute dresses, this time he decided to conquer the female body by showcasing strongly fitted, dominant silhouettes – sported in a casual yet sexy Baptista kind of way. 

The show kicks of with a leather trimmed raglan coat sported with a tightly fitted crinkled leather-jersey patchwork pants, worn nonchalantly with a cap and moves on with some biker wear inspiration shown through bomber inspired two-tone jackets and zipped t-shirt dresses worn with long gloves.

Throughout the show you'd recognize a “fabric-blocking” type of pattern: the sporty silhouettes are not only opting for bold color combinations, such as plain white, mustard, midnight blue and black with a few hints of bright red; they are also composed of contrasting materials, such as jersey, painted and crinkled leather. Tightly fitted side clinch dresses and skirts – the flawless ones, not the Angelina Jolie fashion fail – come along with 80s inspired zebra prints. 

“Last season I focused on the 'sky dive' theme – this time it was all about 'under dive'! I wanted to create tougher and stronger silhouettes, with a bit of S&M attitude.”, states Baptista backstage after his show. “I carved my inspiration from punk and 80s looks and moved on with images form cosmic communist constructions”.

Last but not least, the designer confirms it: he's indeed listening to Banks on his iPod. One thing is sure, Felipe Oliveira Baptista's shows are always spicy enough to cheer you up. 


-Elisabeta Tudor