Jean Paul Lespagnard Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

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Jean Paul Lespagnard Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Shrimp croquettes and wood pallets awaited guests of the Jean-Paul Lespagnard show just outside the Gaïté Lyrique, where the fashion exhibition ARRRGH is being held until April 7. Outdoors seemed like the most reasonable place to wait, as inside the minute show space was positively overrun with white wood piles of pallets. A motor-cross bike was perched near the back and the set reminded of Mario Kart’s Banshee Boardwalk – a computerized version of a pier fit for aggressive virtual driving exploits.

This proved to be not too far off from Lespagnard’s inspiration - if only that the Belgian designer’s Princess Peach has better sartorial choices than her pixel-perfect version. Motor-cross and herring fishing were the starting point of this fall 2013 collection, but to linger too long on this aspect would be to neglect the quality of the garments presented.

A blue outfit was a highly desirable update to the mechanic’s overall, the vaguely Asian overtones of a white blouse, and draped navy skirt shone out as much as the Swarovski encrusted floodlight. A sporty black and gold jacquard ensemble could be dissembled for daily use, but struck a cool chord as pimped-up track gear. His prints of the season, a crazy looking fish presented in a variety of colors and a comic-like rendition of his name tipped the balance towards cool, as did the clog sandal, a modern nod to typical Flemish footwear.

This fifth collection confirms Lespagnard’s innate talent, one that did not need to go through the hallowed halls of some fashion school to emerge, which has already garnered him prizes at Hyère’s highbrow fashion fest. In the race to style, Lespagnard earned extra points for the jewel encrusted helmet and placed himself in the lead. 

- Lily Templeton