Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring Summer 2018 Paris

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Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring Summer 2018 Paris

The Insta news might be that Drake dropped his new song, Signs, at today's Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2018 show - which was in fact inspired by the collection - but the fashion news was that the Hawaiian shirt is very much the item of the season, cemented so here as they wafted out in the best incarnations we've seen yet: sheer in black or red with paradise florals and lush foliage. [Read more...]

Vuitton's Luxury Surfers

by Giampietro Baudo - MFFashion

The pages of an atlas, the atlas of remote islands: Fifty Islands You Have Not Visited And Never Will. "I was given this book by chance, and that's where it all came from." Kim Jones, the creative spirit behind the menswear at Louis Vuitton, explained the spring/summer 2018 Archipelago collection. In line with the oppressive heat in Paris, the LVMH owned fashion house showed a collection that was sensual and exotic. Filled with wild travellers and chic surfers. "Looking through it I realised I had been to almost all of these islands," the English designer said jokingly. "For this collection I chose three: Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island. More than the places themselves, I was fascinated by the idea of living on an island, travelling to a far away places, experimenting with cultural identities." These ideas were translated into a symphony of 42 hyper-accessorised looks, that moved through the architecture at the Palais Royal to a new musical gem. Because, bringing to life the show was a new Drake single, Signs, inspired by the collection. Perfect for a parade of luxury surfers and wild spirited travellers with sporty, toned bodies. Wet hair after a tussle in the ocean. Sun kissed faces. Logo print sandals reimagined with a Hawaiian mood. Wearing Aloha print shirts, feather weight overcoats, well worn sporty T-Shirts, windbreakers and neoprene tops which peaked out under suits, oversize parka coats, trousers and smart shorts. Kim Jones chose a range of genres with a daily spirit, everyday business man cool with a vacation attitude - relaxed and decidedly laid back. Because the LVMH house aimed to bridge the gap between Hawaiian florals and Japanese architecture. The former with shirts and neon logo print T-Shirts with 80s style lettering, the later coming through in the oversize tailoring and voluminous aesthetic. The accessories honed in on the same themes: oversize backpacks, boxes and geometric bum bags where monogram prints met woven details in cobalt blue and technical fabrics. A ping pong of aesthetic hybrids.