Louis Vuitton's Hotline to Hawaii

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Louis Vuitton's Hotline to Hawaii

The Insta news might be that Drake dropped his new song, Signs, at today's Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2018 show - which was in fact inspired by the collection - but the fashion news was that the Hawaiian shirt is very much the item of the season, cemented so here as they wafted out in the best incarnations we've seen yet: sheer in black or red with paradise florals and lush foliage.

Seriously beautiful, it was the sheer that really made the difference, upping the ante on what has also become a favourite wardrobe staple of the menswear fashion set. They're on the catwalks - we saw plenty in Milan, too - and they're on the backs of the boys already. You can't move for a flash of florals and a vivid bright palm leaf this season. But this summer staple now has trophy status, the luxe factor, a high-end gloss.

"Someone gave me the book Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Not Visited and Never Will. And I realised I'd been to about all of them!" said Kim Jones in the show notes by way of inspiration explanation. "I thought of specific islands - New Zealand, Easter Island, and especially Hawaii - but I was also inspired by the idea of an island and of travel. Of moving easily from place to place and experiencing these different pockets of civilisation, these different identities simultaneously," he said.

This island-hopping root worked to create a collection that was its fashion equivalent - eclectic with styles and pieces mixed and matched to fluent effect. It was a great collection. It had ease and wearability but was inherently cool. Scuba nods came in high-neck zips and windsurfing, hiking and trekking graphics, which were then mixed with loose tailoring, cropped jumpers with long shirts beneath and of course those all-important Hawaiian shirts. Which really will be the best-sellers and which really will make the standard vintage styles pale into insignificance. Whether one will be able to afford them is a different story - they won't have quite the same thrift shop exchange rate we imagine.

But what could also be taken away here was a clever next step on from last season's stellar Supreme collaboration, which frankly was going to be a hard act to follow. So what do you do? Get Drake to write a song about the collection! And the tune, just like the collection, gets a thumbs up.