Massimo Giorgetti's Pucci Revolution

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Massimo Giorgetti's Pucci Revolution

Florence, Italy – One thing is for sure: Massimo Giorgetti has no intention of conforming his vision to the House of Emilio Pucci. At the spring summer "Pilot Episode" capsule, for which the invitation was a simple white t-shirt, Giorgetti wiped the slate clean.  

Set in an abandoned building on the edge of Florence's Boboli Gardens, a crowded, humid room of onlookers took their time to digest the change at hand. 

Among them was a starry-eyed Laudomia Pucci, the founder's daughter, who told us she was "very pleased" with Giorgetti's collection. 

Full of references to his own career, Giorgetti evolved some elements that are frequently seen in his MSGM collection – only this time he reworked his multi-color fur, laser cutting, asymmetrical silhouettes, fringe effects, and geometric patterns so they would exude an air of sophistication – fit for a more cerebral urbanite, rather than the Hollywood star to which his predecessor famously catered.  

While past designers have transformed Emilio Pucci's old prints inspired by Capri and downtown Florence, Giorgetti used only one "paintbrush" print of Pucci's from the 1950s. For the rest, Giorgetti designed his own new cartoonish prints dedicated to a more contemporary set. 

"I enjoyed going back into the archive but I wanted to do something new," Giorgetti told NOWFASHION, noting that his own designs depict a modern-day Florence, its inhabitants, and symbolic references to the city. 

"There is only one print from the archive. All the other prints are 2015. They are about Florence and they are very free. It is less 60s and 70s and more urban and metropolitan and more NOW," the Rimini-native said. 

While Peter Dundas' stint at Pucci will be remembered as the red carpet, sexy era, Giorgetti's reign may very well be remembered as the era of revolution.