Opening Ceremony Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

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Opening Ceremony Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

For those of the fashion flock who did decide to stick around for it, the Opening Ceremony presentation was held in a gallery. Quite a crush of attendees, including Rosario Dawson, pushed their way through the space, taking in all the images mounted on the walls. In those photos some celebrities, like Bjork or a young fresh-faced Drew Barrymore, were easy to spot, while Meryl Streep, Keanu Reeves, and controversial Grammy winner Beck took a bit more time. 

The photos comprised an exhibition curated by Humberto Leon and Carol Kim of frequent brand collaborator Spike Jonze's work. Spanning two decades, it served as a point of inspiration for the collection that was trotted out to stand center stage in the gallery space.

The three rooms of the exhibit were divided into three color stories look-wise. A small back corner was reserved for a group of boys in blue-, white-, and grey-tinged photo printed belted coats and nylon joggers. A black and white filtered jumper from that lineup seemed a standout. For the biggest space there was a gaggle of female models in a green, orange and silver story. A sleeveless nylon halter jumper but the accessories like totes in black and marble, as well as a blue croc skin bag, demanded attention. Even the shoes seemed ripe for adulation, set off by shorter, flared trouser lengths. Metallic and other glitzy fabrications were contrasted by sober utility belts wrapped round the waist, and ribbed sweater dressing seemed sensible for the temperatures outside. Sweatshirts here sported the Kodak logo on one arm (the sponsor) and the OC logo on the other.

The last vinette was of girls and boys both, all in camel. The flared legs were back as were the standout accessories. But for the boys there was a look that sort of diverged from the rest of the back: a fur layered over a long sleeve knit. It was definitely a need/want-now situation at first sight.