Paul & Joe Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

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Paul & Joe Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

There was a clear touch of the Apache and Out West that could be seen in the Paul and Joe spring summer 2015 collection.

It was found in embroidered owls on the back of a leather jacket, or decorating a shoulder bag with tassels like those that hung from a wide-cut Out West coat, emblazoned with the same design.

Even the invite was designed like the colorful owl that could also be seen on a mini skirt.

Trousers were tight and from the saloon. Think suede pants held closed with a thread rather than a zip, like a cowboy keeping it together in the elements.

The label went in for stripes in a heavy-looking cotton that could be used to tough it in the rough. The material could be seen in a poncho style coat or a wrap-around skirt that looked like a rug doubling for a dress piece to keep warm in winter.

Aside from the owls, other patterns from nature decorated light flowing dresses that looked like something worn to keep cool on the prairie in the summer.

But there was also a French twist to this collection and the surfacing of a modern woman who paired straight fit shirts and trousers or pretty shirts with cheery patterns, with her newfound leather apache coats.

And on show were some cute designs with curly-collared shirts or summery-short dresses. But was this a French girl or a little girl from the prairie all grown up to wear sweet things that reminded her of her childhood days? The pinafores could also have come from either universe.

Still, some of the looks were simply elegant grown-up designs with a feminine edge, like a sharp white suit.

But overall it was a sweet, well-designed collection, even if the apache theme only went so far in uniting all of the designs. But then, one cannot wear owl motifs everyday.