Rag & Bone Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

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Rag & Bone Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

"Beer and nuts! Beer and nuts!" one of the male models in waiting yelled as guests entered the Rag & Bone show venue. 

"Oh, it's that kind of party," a guess yelled back. And indeed it was.  Inside, before the runway show got underway, it was a veritable gab fest between designers. Sort of like a cocktail party at an art gallery that just got a new video installation. You know the sort: glance at the video for a few seconds, go back to gabbing.

That was the mindset for a bit, and then in quick succession the plastic was pulled up and the models were flying down the catwalk, three to five on the long runway at a time.  With the first three girls out as models of color wearing melton coats, it seemed Bethann Hardison's Diversity Coalition initiative had made an impact on at least one brand.

But once that settled in, attention quickly filtered to the clothes, and it was abundantly clear that the Rag & Bone woman was going to be ready for any weather conditions that might come her way, rain or snow.  Quilted bombers, cashmere turtlenecks, quilted liner vests and even parkas made utility a sticking point for the range.  Little hip pouches as well as a new riff on the cross body bag — think of it as like a tote that went across the body — underscored that point. 

Slip dresses were on offer layered over a coterie of tees for warmth — but the more likely of combinations? Lurex skirts and pant/leggings of the same material. It was a very large collection in terms of pieces, layered into only 32 looks, but besides a wide, seemingly jousting-inspired white coat with camel trim, every bit of it pulled its weight.