Suno Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 New York

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Suno Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 New York

A brand that has built up its following thanks to whimsical prints is always going to feel more at home designing a spring/summer collection. And that was true for the team at Suno. This season's lovely and inviting pieces by designers Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis proved that the CFDA had good reason to award them with this year’s Swarovski Awards for Emerging Talent in womenswear.

But as the fashion industry’s love affair with print and pattern experimentation cools, Suno also needed to prove that it could do more, extrapolate out from its very focused foundation point. Thankfully they did just that.

Just like a handful of other brands (like Etro and Missoni) Suno is demonstrating itself as being able to see a larger fashion picture for its niche aesthetic. For every adorable Zebra Kanga print top or giant abstract floral dress that came down the Suno runway, there was a boxy perforated faux leather top or gleaming minimalistic dress with a snap front closure. But the prints also evolved in a few interesting and alternative ways on the “just the right amount” roomy ensembles.

The choice to show a tank top daisy print dress with the top cut in stiff coated linen and the bottom in a wispy fabric that moved about the body was one astute move. As was bringing the strong patterns into floral embroidered overlay tops and dresses. The introduction of a couple of metallic floral motif jacquard pieces and the final group of bejeweled evening outfits (the Swarovski crystals echoing bold print patterns) were also rather original.  And all of these designs came paired with some highly covetable multicolored patent leather flat sandals that kept this collection grounded to reality.

This certainly was a show filled with statement pieces. But they were also an affirmation that any woman would be happy to make next season.   

- Jessica Michault