Tod's Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Milan

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Tod's Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Milan

It looks as if Alessandra Facchinetti has finally found her perfect fashion home with Tods. The talented designer who has been in search for just the right place to call her own for a while now seems to have found her match with the luxury brand known for its pebble soled shoes.

To start her tenure at the company, Facchinetti showed the brand’s first runway collection in the intimate setting of the Tods house. Not your typical catwalk environment, the collection was shown on the real world runway of a woman’s own salon.

“I wanted to start from the house, because I wanted people to discover her world,” explained the designer. “Lifestyle is very important to Tods, the people needed to see the way she lives, the aesthetic, the beauty, the elegance, the casualness, all the elements that make up the Tods world.”  

As an elegant Italian woman herself, Facchinetti was well placed to understand what it takes to recreate that uniquely Italian nonchalant chic on her catwalk. There she showed easy shirt dresses, circle skirts that folded gently in the front, and tailored blazers that are all staples in any sophisticated woman’s wardrobe.

The leitmotif of this collection was a perforated openwork design that helped to lighten up many of the cotton and luxe leather pieces. It was a feature that also made its way onto the brand’s famed Sella bag.

There was a modernist art vibe to the show, with the designer cutting leather jackets in curving abstract shapes in complimentary russet colors. Also the short leather tank tops, that left the back bare except for a band of leather hanging loosely across the lower back, felt very artistically inclined.

But as Tods is a shoe brand, no review would be complete without talking about this collection’s footwear. Besides some timeless strappy sandals, and a few retro looking ankle boots with looping sliver circle adornments across the top, there were the ballerinas. Adorned with tassels across the toes (think golf shoes), the designer left the tassels extra long, giving the shoes an endearing mustache like quality. A feature that is sure to charm more than a few into handing over their credit cards.