Victoria's Secret: What Kind of Angel Are You?



'Tis this time of the year again – time for the world's sexiest TV event show. The Victoria's Secret Angels landed in the City of Love to spread their wings over the runway set in the Grand Palais in Paris. According to Victoria's Secret officials, the 2016 fashion show has raised $3 million USD for charity through ticket sales – and the lingerie brand might just raise another 3 million if somebody invests in this year's extravagant masterpiece worn by top model Jasmine Tookes, namely a bra set with 9,000 precious stones. While the world's top models hit the Parisian runway in style (and covered in beautiful kitsch and glitter), Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd animated the show with various eclectic and dramatic acts that kept the audience dancing and asking for more. Collection-wise, Victoria's Secret offered a fully articulated luxurious lingerie collection, ranging from Mexican inspirations, to athleisure flavored styles, romantic and picturesque mountain inspired influences, and neo-gothic dark glamour sported by the world's favorite top models – a true and fashionable feast for the senses. Having said that, the ordinary mortals will all agree: let's be honest, it’s not really about the fashion, is it? It is first and foremost about the charity – for those who tend to forget: the Victoria's Secret Show has been committed to charity and has raised over $20 million USD since its inception – but it is also about the jaw-dropping top models and their va-va-voom wings. Now let's see which Angels excelled at turning heads and blowing kisses on the glitter runway yesterday evening. Here's what went down.



Une photo publiée par Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) le're a "Bella Hadid Angel"

Not every woman would be able to face her ex-boyfriend on stage, wearing nothing but her bra and panties, while being watched by millions of people worldwide. Let's be honest, this type of situation isn't smooth sailing by any means. Well, Bella Hadid pulled that off quite easily and even smiled at her ex Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, when she walked the runway while he was singing his latest hit during the Victoria's Secret show. Bella was wearing a beautiful lace gown from the "Secret Angel" collection paired with a silk organza corset and a train. And because she's so uber-cool, she even lip-synced to Tesfaye's lyrics. Ah, exes: can't live with them, can't live without them!'re a "Liu Wen Angel"

The Chinese top model nailed it when she wore a Victoria's Secret "Dream Angels" lace triangle bra and matching panty topped with an embroidered robe and corselette from the brand's Asian and Mexican inspired "Road Ahead" collection. Later on, she was equally stunning as a "Secret Angel" sporting a strappy balconet bra paired with a waist cincher and a high waist thong bra. But aside from her outfits, there is something that Liu Wen can be particularly proud of: this year, a "record number" of Asian models hit the runway for Victoria's Secret. In fact, Liu Wen was the first Chinese model to sport the Angel wings on the Victoria’s Secret runway in 2009. This year, she was joined by Xi Mengyao, Sui He, and Xiao Wen Ju. The shift to a more racially diverse roster of models is first and foremost reflective of the growing Victoria’s Secret market in China, but it is also a sign that the industry is currently changing and evolving towards a less whitewashed and more diversified image of women. Way to go!



Une photo publiée par Kendall (@kendalljenner) le're a "Kendall Jenner Angel"

Admittedly, most people are fed up by the Kardashian family's over-exposure. Kendall, however, even if she's still keeping up with her clan, has found her own path outside her family's reality TV drama and has proved herself within the industry by walking for brands with big international glam factor, such as Balmain and Givenchy, and gracing the cover of American Vogue. Her stand-out looks this year – Kendall made her debut as a Victoria's Secret Angel last year – included a long line plunge bra worn with a matching panty and appliqued suede wings from "The Road Ahead" collection, as well as a neo-gothic and dark romance flavored lace balconet bra from the "Dark Angel" themed designer collection, paired with a so-called "cheekini" and a chantilly corseted jacket and bustle topped with Victoria's Secret signature feather wings. Later that night, Kendall traded her Angel wings for a juicy burger in a Parisian brasserie. Even Angels need some junk food now and then. Très yummy and chic. 



Une photo publiée par Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) le're a "Gigi Hadid Angel"

You can't have one Hadid without the other. The Hadid sisters have undoubtedly left their mark on the model industry this year, by gracing the covers of fashion glossies, hitting the runways of designer shows, and dating prominent musicians – Gigi is dating One Direction's Zayn Malik and Bella was dating the aforementioned singer Abel Tesfaye. While Gigi was looking great in her "Dream Angels" demi-bra and panty that she wore with a Mexican inspired embroidered bolero and hand-painted cape, her stand-out look this year was undoubtedly her final as a "Dark Angel" for which she wore over-the-top feather wings and a strappy teddy from the designer collection paired with matching over-the-knee corseted boots. Once the show and applause was over, Gigi did what every other Victoria's Secret Angel eventually ended up doing: she joined her bestie Kendall at the restaurant Ferdi, where she ordered a big, fat, post-fashion show sandwich. With extra-cheese, please. 



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