Yasya Minochkina Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Kiev

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Yasya Minochkina Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Kiev

Yasya Minochkina hit the perfect note in her collection, as editors and guests alike were busily taking down notes on what they’d like to see hanging in their closets come spring. Having expanded on her Fashion Scout selection shown during London Fashion Week, she gave a more cohesive view into her easy living spring 14 collection.

Styled with sneakers and floppy hats, the silhouettes evoked today’s idea of chic downtime. Cropped trousers, windbreakers, a pretty jumpsuit, A-line tennis skirts, all these elements felt like a reference to a glitz-less luxury holiday, only one with a backdrop that is more Annie Leibovitz romantic than gossip rags.

There were still a few structured dresses, using a stiff silk/polyamide blend that holds structure as well as any neoprene, but without any of the associated bulk. In cutting many of her pieces from this, Minochkina was able to give a new spin to her elegant grown-up silhouettes. From what she explained later, this fabric would also continue to evolve with the wearer, from the stiff cardboard like material originally delivered to her workshop, it was already a softer hand that would only get softer with repeated washes.

Even so, it was more sporty than precious. Textures, that the Ukrainian designer always seems to appreciate, here were thought out not only for their visual impact but also for their unique touch. A crinkly midnight blue silk was the perfect update to a pajama suit silhouette already popular among retailers, and elsewhere, her track jackets in thicker washed silks had the appeal of luxe sportswear.

It felt like a clever spin on a tired trend, with enough novelty to keep it going. Clearly, Minochkina is thinking her development through in a very canny way (wood and plexiglass clutches were under development but already being shown around), and considering her retail now spans not only her home market but in Asia as well, she’s keen to offer things that travel well.