Alberta Ferretti Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Milan
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Alberta Ferretti Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Milan

Flipping through the stream of consciousness notes taken during the Alberta Ferretti show, one phrase stood out among all the hen scratch: “Pretty Pocahontas.” That just about nailed the take-away vibe from the designer’s spring/summer 2015 show. We could add "70s flower child” to top off the sentiment.

Ferretti knows feminine fashion like the back of her hand. So each season is more about where she is going to turn her rose colored regard and how she will use an era, place or muse to create another collection of clothing made to make women look lovely.

This time her show was structured as if the models were progressively getting ready for the day. She started with negligee, blush-hued semi-sheer chiffon dresses and lace jumpsuits, sometimes harnessed in by grosgrain ribbon festooned with flower beadwork. When the designer moved her models out of the boudoir-inspired beginning, she set them out onto the summer of love streets of Haight Ashbury in San Francisco.

In their denim pants and skirts that melted away into flower motifs and chiffon hems, or their lilac suede dresses and maxi floral print gowns, worn with crochet ballet flats or gladiator flats, the models looked ready for a romantic love in.

Finally the show finished strong when the models were transformed into luxury versions of a free spirited Pocahontas. Their woven macramé suede vests worn over pure cotton and lace maxi gowns or shorts paired with laser cut flower ponchos, the fringe edges falling long to caress bare thighs, proved that Ferretti’s muse this season served her very well indeed.