AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Paris

Interview: During a recent conversation I asked French-American designer and current CFDA lauréat Joseph Altuzarra what he had in his own wardrobe and he answered that he really only wore one brand that was made by his friend Alexandre Mattiussi and called AMI. Seeing an AMI Alexandre Mattiussi presentation on the Paris mens fashion week schedule, we had to find out more about this fledgling clothing company that’s already stocked in Barney’s NYC and San Francisco…..

Tell us about this collection…: This is my third collection and it’s a bit different from my first collection because I tried to make something a bit more casual but still in an elegant way meaning that for the first two seasons I tried to start tell the story about the Ami collection meaning that I really wanted to make something that was really realistic, my friends are my inspiration. So Ami (means friend in French) is all about the friends I know, I love, the people I am going on vacation with. I share everything with my friends because we all say that friends are the new family. In this way I have kept my passion, which is fashion, because I’ve wanted to be a designer for the past ten years. I felt like the things we see in the shows is disconnected with my reality. I love what I see in fashion but in the end, when I see a sweater and a jacket, I feel like all the things I see in the show and the advertising doesn’t make sense.

So what’s your reality? My reality is that I’m a French guy, I’m thirty years old, I’m just drinking a beer on a terrace with my friends when the sun’s shining or in the winter we’re in apartments very much like the one the presentation is being held and we throw a little party. Also there’s a little bit of countryside in this collection because I feel like when you have a little time you take the car and you go to the countryside for the week-end. You put a football in the car and you just have a kick around with your friends when you get there. I just feel that edgy and dynamic is not to be too pretentious, not too snobbish just being cool because we love clothes but we know that they’re not the most important thing in life.

You could say that your clothes are truly ready-to-wear…: Yes exactly, it’s ready to wear, it’s complete, there’s pyjamas, sweatshirts , sweaters, shoes, underwear….I tried to make an easy collection to connect with.

Where are the clothes and shoes made? Everything is made in Portugal and Tunisia for the tailoring.

Are you Parisian? For the last twelve years. I live in the ninth arrondissement near Montmartre and I work in the first on Rue Saint Honoré.

Thanks very much Alexandre: No, thank-you and I’ll see you soon!  AMI Facebook 

- Sarah Hay