An homage to KANGHYUK’s unique aesthetic
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An homage to KANGHYUK’s unique aesthetic

A special collaboration/partnership with D /ARK /CONCEPT

Less than a year after graduating, KANGHYUK’s featherweight creations already carry some serious fashion clout. Last week, an exciting event spanning from London to L.A. announced the arrival of the designer’s artfully crafted first collection, Collection1, at avant-garde retailers, SHOWstudio (online) / MACHINE-A (London) and H Lorenzo (L.A.). With content signed by industry legend Nick Knight and a launch event at H. Lorenzo Gallery in LA supported by online magazine Highsnobiety, this dynamic debut pays homage to KANGHYUK’s unique aesthetic that blurs the lines between art and tailoring. “What really strikes me is the roundness and maturity of his creations. I rarely see designers who are so complete at such an early stage.” notes Barbara Grispini, founder of brand development agency D/ARK, which represents the South Korean born, London based talent. A renowned figure within the fashion industry, Grispini is responsible for nurturing some of London’s biggest success stories, including the likes of Christopher Kane, Nicholas Kirkwood and Aitor Throup. “I discovered KANGHYUK at the Royal College of Art MA show in June 2016,” she recalls, “Stavros Karelis Owner and Funder of Machine-A had also noticed his work via RCA and so we had the idea for a special collaboration.” And from there, a dynamic partnership began to take shape with forward-looking L.A. destination store H.Lorenzo quick to co-produce. “I consider Nick Knight, Stavros Karelis and Lorenzo Hadar true pioneers of the fashion world, so I thought it would be interesting to bring these powerful entities together.” Grispini explains, “They have a real appreciation and respect for creativity, modernity and designers with soul.”

SHOWstudio’s "Behind the scenes" Nick Knight shooting KANGHYUK videos - Photo: Gabriel Carasso, Model: David Yang, Styling; Harry Fisher

In fact, there is something stirring about KANGHYUK’s sharply constructed, sportswear infused silhouettes. Realized using airbags manually disassembled from their oxygen tanks, each fabric component is painstakingly unpicked and re-utilized in pure original pattern to make the garments in a labor intensive process that is highly unique. Some pieces can require the use of up to 15 airbags and the implementation of a new construction process, which is intensely laborious, appears extraordinarily effortless at the same time. These artfully crafted constructions quickly caught the attention of the legendary Nick Knight who captured the collection for his multi-disciplinary website SHOWStudio. “I was really excited by the fact that KANGHYUK had made his collection from car airbags.” Knight explains, “I filmed the clothes on a white background and in a very bright, shadowless light, so that all the red stitching of the clothing, as well as the original instructions and graphics from the bags, became as prominent as possible.” Certainly no small achievement for a designer so early on in their career. “Having one of the most respected creative figures like Nick Knight shooting the video content for KANGHYUK Collection 1, has been a huge privilege and honour, for both Kanghyuk and myself.” Grispini concedes, “Working with him is a dream and aspirational career milestone for most designers, and anyone in the fashion industry.”


So, after such an incredible launch, what’s next for this new name to know? “SHOWstudio / Machine-A and H. Lorenzo will continue to be the brand’s exclusive retailers in their areas for Collection 2.” the D/ARK Founder reveals, “We are also going to launch later this summer in a few other key cities, like in Paris with a special installation at L’Eclaireur Sevignè and in store in Seoul at Boon The Shop, in Hong Kong at Ink and in Luxembourg at Smets. We will be presenting to press and buyers Collection 3 at D /ARK /CONCEPT in Paris 23-28 June 2017.”

With such an exciting start, it will be interesting to see where this star on the rise will go next.



Film Photography: NICK KNIGHT

Behind the Scene Photography: Gabriel Carasso

Installation Images: Matthew Kavanagh fof H. Lorenzo

SHOWstudio / MACHINE-A (London) and H. LORENZO (Los Angeles) collaborated in partnership with D /ARK /CONCEPT on an exclusive launch for KANGHYUK Collection 1

Video content created by Nick Knight, , available exclusively online at SHOWstudio at MACHINE-A in London / in Los Angeles at H. LORENZO Gallery in West Hollywood - in partnership with Highsnobiety.