Aquilano Rimondi Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Milan

"It's a little poetry of artists like Gauguin mixed with sporty Italian elegance," said Tommaso Aquilano backstage of the Aquilano Rimondi's spring summer women's collection, which unfolded in various opulent rooms to Milan's 18th century Palazzo Cusani in the upscale Brera district.

Aquilano said the duo chose to infuse the collection with more playful elements this season to connect with a wider demographic.

The collection was elegant and aristocratic in terms of fabrics, beaded elements, and royal colors mirroring a fiery purple island sunset, and orange and greens of the Tahitian jungles. The duo incorporated heavily on silk mikado and cotton and synthetic fabrics to achieve a sporty, casual look.

Micro skirts matched with silky tops with exaggerated puckered sleeves and beach bikini-like tops, sailor skirt suits and striped sashes, infused an ultra-feminine allure.

Aquilano Rimondi relied heavily on Paul Gauguin -- both in terms of the color palette and his paintings:  Gauguin’s mysterious Polynesian muses were printed onto skirts and minidresses.

And just like the disputed femininity of Paul Gauguin's subjects, Aquilano Rimondi's woman also intrigues and blurs the gender line, sporting men's shirts, sweatshirts and cotton and silk t-shirts.

“We listened to the requests and messages coming from street fashion makers. Otherwise you risk being too elegant," Aquilano said.