Astrid Andersen Menswear Spring Summer 2015 London
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Astrid Andersen Menswear Spring Summer 2015 London

Astrid Andersen, a specialist of menswear deeply rooted in street culture and sportswear seems to have found her niche and this season follows in her step to offer a men's collection playing on the duality of manliness and vulnerability.

Right after a much talked about collaboration with high street giant, TOPMAN, it seems like Astrid Andersen manages to find new inspirations without losing her touch and fascination with her streetwear creed.

This season, the Asian culture is once again at the core of her collection, in a quite obvious fashion to say the least.

Kimonos, adorned with delicate prints and flocked with the Astrid Andersen logo represent the middle point between tradition and novelty.  Orange, magenta, navy blue and black compose the color palette of what seems to be the marriage of traditional Japanese outfits and American sports.

The lightness of aerial silks meets the heaviness of neoprene, lace (full shirts or used as an embellishment) is combined with ample basketball shirts. Leather is used mainly on the ample shorts, reminiscing of the ones basketball players wear, or even on the wide back pack offering at Astrid Andersen. Neoprene gives the silhouette an "American footballer" accent with broad shoulders and is toned down by sheer patches here and there.

An ode to duality and a bold streetwear statement set to satisfy her ever growing fan base, Astrid Andersen seems to have found her thing and is not ready to let it go, yet.