Atelier Gustavolins Couture Spring Summer 2012 Paris
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Atelier Gustavolins Couture Spring Summer 2012 Paris


Gustavo Lins, who graduated as architect in his native Brazil and later studied in Barcelona, is known for the rigor of the sharp and almost architectural shapes of his garments, where no detail is apparent and where the materials comprised of fine silks, taffetas, Kashmir, fall like wrapping paper over the body.

For his new collection Gustavo is taking us on a stylistic shift emerging from Japan toward Spain.  

"This collection is the result of my Brazilian roots, my education in Barcelona and Paris and my passion for the kimono " (Gustavo Lins). The pure geometric cut of the kimono was represented on jackets and coats in heavy, rigid fabrics such as wool and combined with high waisted trousers or dresses with flowing drapery, which may have been the most prominent and outstanding designs of the collection. 

The color palette swings between an intense emerald (recalling Brazil's mineral riches), Amazon green, jasper red, gray and black.

This season was marked by a special collaboration with Walter Steiger's fabulous comma-shaped high heels.

-Mario Casarella.