Atelier Versace Haute Couture Fall Winter 2017 Paris

Interview | Versace’s Medieval Tech

A secret starting point, the advertising campaign shot by Steven Meisel in 1998 and the medieval elements of the Versace ready-to-wear collection from the same year. The first collection completely designed by Donatella Versace after the loss of her brother Gianni in July 1997. With Maggie Rizer and Audrey Marnay in front of the camera. This is the starting point for the new Atelier Versace fall/winter 2017/18. A total of 21 looks that took more than 150 hours of craftsmanship and an average of 400 hours. Looks that mix decorative baroque with war architecture. Uniting crochet and metal mesh, ultralight veils and webs of chains, futuristic 3D prints for dresses and jewellery and embroidery that mimics fragmented mirrors. “Atelier Versace is a fantasy that becomes reality. It is power with fragility. It tells the story of this incredible strength that comes from the union of two opposites.” Donatella Versace explained to MFF.

Giampierto Baudo: What was the starting point for this collection?

Donatella Versace: There were two starting points. I wanted to look at the real life of the women who wear Atelier Versace and create a wardrobe for them that was part tailoring, part cocktail, and half incredible evening gowns. I love designing like this because for our clients the dream of couture is their daily reality.

GB: What inspired you?

DV: I concentrated on precision and lightness, sartorial lines and at the same time the air. There are also fairytale evening dresses in the collection, with honeycomb detailing that is so light you can barely see it.

GB: Who is the Atelier Versace woman of today?

DV: Our clients are extraordinary. Women from all over the world who only want the best. Some have been faithful to the maison for over 10 years. But there is also a new generation of young women who are discovering the extreme perfection of couture. For them, Atelier Versace isn’t a dream, it is an essential part of their lives.

GB: Why did you choose to present the collection without a traditional show again?

DV: I wanted to show the Atelier Versace collection in a new way, so people can see the workmanship of the atelier up close. During a show the models pass by so quickly and the clothes become part of the show story. I wanted to change the format to ensure that each look was shown on its own, as a totally unique creation.

By Giampietro Baudo - MFF Magazine for Fashion
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