Avelon Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris
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Avelon Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

In the elegant courtyard of the Hotel d’Avray, guests sipped on champagne cocktails, as water was sprinkled on to the cobbled stones that served as the runway from a watering can that looked more gardening world than fashionista.

 But the design team need not have worried, as a light patter of rain did the job for them, just as models descended from the French doors.

 They walked in modern silhouettes, as white as the window frames, that were given a tribal twist that was melded discretely into the designs to create a subtle combination of modern with dashes of the far flung.

 Creative director Erik Frenken took his inspiration from the book “Before They Pass Away,” by Jimmy Nelson who documented tribes.

 The Central Saint Martin’s graduate used silvery snake skin to create panels blended into oversized white jackets and he looked to tribal outfits to create ragged, red snakeskin trousers that looked like a pair of  pants patched together from a dead animal skin.

 Some designs were adorned with tribal looking leather necklaces made of feathery leather petals, but in white they looked subtle.

 Frenken used pale colors throughout and he relied on a tribal theme without making the pieces too loud. This was different in its approach to those designers who, when they do exotic, do loud African prints.

 The designer called this an understated modern look and he delivered just what he promised. He made a subtle use of far away elements to adorn his looks.

 It made one think of a girl who had gone off exploring and brought home some souvenirs but kept her roots in the modern world.

 The collection relied on oversized outwear and  draping and the odd sports look, as well as elegant pleated gowns in shimmering materials decorated with large tribal necklaces for eveningwear.