Billy Reid Menswear Fall Winter 2015 New York

There's something very calm, very methodical and very resolute about the Billy Reid brand. And though he refused the notion that the South creeps into his inspirations, being a southerner myself, it seems like a sort of "below the Mason-Dixon" mentality. That was the vibe through and through at the designer's Fall 2015 collection this season.

The story was about texture. Before Reid admitted as much backstage, there was the distinct desire to want to run your fingers in the collar of the navy velour cardigan in look 27 and slide your arms into a trench made of cords. Of course the standout of the show came in a pair of stadium capes which were new for the designer. "Well that started from like a rug," he said of the braided variation that exited first, "It's a braided wool that has a little cashmere in it. The rug, of course it's impossible to wear it, but once you really relax the fabric, it creates more movement."

That movement was key to giving looks a sort of luxurious, easy vibe that flowed through to funnel-neck sweaters and soft fleece sweatpants. The capes weren't the only pieces to see fabrics reworked as the designer worked in silk into other, sturdier fabrics. The results for the most part -- that's all the looks except the pair of vests -- were not only calm, methodical and resolute, but nice additions to the Reid wardrobe that's been growing ten years and counting.