Boris Bidjan Saberi Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Paris
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Boris Bidjan Saberi Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Paris


The half-German half-Persian designer Boris Bidjan Saberi presented his urban, yet sophisticated signature look, by adding an experimental touch to the upcoming winter wardrobe.

People who have been following Saberi's work from the beginning know that his shows always come with a creative twist. Professional skaters have been performing for his show in the past, this time Boris Bidjan Saberi teamed up with musician Ben Frost to underline his collection with a dark, experimental sound. Frost's fierce yet melodic musical composition set the rhythm for the models on the runway. 

The show kicked off with hooded turtleneck sweaters layered on oversized tops combined with harem pants in khaki and light anthracite shades, then evolved to a sharper urban look with light monochrome hooded outfits and finished with deconstructed leather jackets over loose fitted long shirts and pants in sheer black. Now and then, Saberi would add a touch of washed-out rust-brown, as a reminiscence to his past collections.

As usual, Saberi is constantly reinterpreting fabrics and raw materials, such as vulcanized gum that he applies on hightop sneakers or leather and linen that he mixes with aluminum, plastic or wax. This season the designer collaborated with Linda Farrow for a futuristic eyewear worn by his models throughout the show.

Saberi chose a clever finale in order to give an overall impression of his collection: the models gathered on a podium that was hidden throughout the show, while the audience could approach and touch the collection, as they would during a showroom presentation.

Although everybody rather observed the scenery from a distance, Saberi's emotional take on his finale left the public impressed.

-Elisabeta Tudor