Calvin Klein Collection Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2011 New York

It was all about the silhouette and textures at Calvin Klein this afternoon. Minimal? Affirmative. Latté colours? Roger that. The skirts were A-line and a sculpted jacket sleeve peeped out here and there. The design was womanly, austere even with flat-plats being the shoe of the show. None of the ostentatious fur that we’ve seen elsewhere on the catwalks in New York had a look in. I think we can all assume that the Klein woman made her decision on that front some time ago and this, her preferred designer, knows her taste. She'll love the grey in this collection, look no.10 can be taken in so many directions by an owner.

There was nothing sexual in any of the ensembles either, none of the clothes even so much as flirted with us however, that said, this leaves room for the kind of thirty plus woman who has found her personality and is comfortable in her expression to add her own joie de vivre, to wear these clothes and not, as can often the case, it be the clothes that wear her. Some women look for this quality rather than being emblazoned with the latest 'it' bag.  There was lots of room for accessorizing with this collection, lots of room for layering with favourite jackets and scarves and many women will be happy for that. Sometimes when we women walk into meetings we don't want an outfit that screams XX chromosomes, we just want to get on with the task in hand. There's a time (and room in our wardrobes) for every kind of emotional event.

Perhaps this seasons Calvin Klein woman is on the move, no need for fussing and fiddling, she just wants to dress and travel, clear clothing, clear mind. Sometimes perfecting the basics, hair, nails and make-up works best with an outfit where all the lines have all been figured out already.

Of course, this is all classic Klein territory: the greys, beige and white and no neurosis just easy breezy, fresh, architectural lines. The little twin-set on look no.12 felt very early Dior and the bell shaped skirts on dresses such as on look no.8, quite Cristobal Balenciaga. All sound reference points.

Sara Hay

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