Carlos Miele Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 New York
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Carlos Miele Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 New York

The Brazilian designer Carlos Miele is always in his element when it comes to the spring/summer collections. This is a man whose clientele live primarily in warmer climates, take pleasure in showing off their well-honed forms and never met an animal print they didn’t like.
This season those tired and true animal patterns got some hyped up hues. Giraffe spots were treated with wash of phosphate blue, zebra stripes came topped off with emerald green and printed tiger pelts practically glowed in a dazzling yellow.
But Miele was able to tame these Doctor Moreau animals by blending them together even further. So that a tiger print floor length gown came draped with a giraffe print chiffon caftan or a black and white leopard top was paired with a yellow fluid feline patterned skirt. Another way to tame these wild beasts was by adding overlays of semi-sheer black chiffon or a spider web of lace embellished with black bugle beads.
For those who like their after hours outfits (because there was little daywear to be had in this collection) a bit more understated, Miele has also got that covered too. Pleated or ruffled bodice dresses that flowed with fringe or handkerchief hems were the safe bets in this show.
Every outfit in this sexy and sultry collection could easily work on the red carpet. Now the designer just needs to find the girls to go with the gowns.

- Jessica Michault