Carolina Castiglioni Introduces Her Brand “Plan C” With an Intriguing Short Movie

You’ve heard her name before? You’ve heard right. Carolina Castiglioni is no stranger to the fashion industry, with Marni being the iconic Italian brand that her parents founded. Today, however, she makes her debut with a coming-of-age flavored fashion movie named “Trasloco,” which features the Spring/Summer 2019 collection of her very own ready-to-wear brand, Plan C. 

“Trasloco,” a short movie directed by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich, is, according to the designer, “celebrating the idea of a new beginning” and “inaugurating a new life phase”– the one of Castiglioni becoming a full-fledged fashion designer on her own, for instance. 

During the 2-min long flick, two young women are moving into a new house, discovering their news surroundings, and arranging vintage-flavored pieces of furniture and objects as they please, while wearing looks from the Plan C Spring/Summer 2019 collection. The film location itself – a Milanese apartment located on Via Visconti di Modrone – is particularly dear to Carolina Castiglioni since it was the former workspace of her grand-grandmother, who established her first atelier for the family’s brand Ciwifurs there in the 1960s. 

Plan C further announced that this short movie is not a one-time-shot: each season will be featuring new movie chapters that document the lives of the two girls, while also portraying the evolution of Carolina Castiglioni’s ready-to-wear brand.

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