Carolina Herrera Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2014 New York

What do Tina Fey, Dita Von Teese, Anna Kendrick and Ivanka Trump all have in common? They were all seated front row at the Carolina Herrera show on Monday.

Now having a gaggle of celebrities overrun a fashion show is nothing to write home about. But what was interesting was all of these women - who are extremely different in esthetic, age, and coloring - were wearing pieces from the designer’s signature collection. The fact that the ensembles dovetailed seamlessly with each woman’s own style perfectly illustrated the true secret to Herrera’s longevity- her sophisticated versatility.

For next season Herrera dusted off her old geometry books and played with triangles, parallelogram, circles and rectangles for a collection that was – as expected- elegant but also – surprise- just a wee bit daring. And it was those geometric elements that made all the difference.

The way Herrera embellished the neckline of a slim dress with geometric shapes in felted fabric, how she folded the top of a sleeveless day dress in origami like pleats on the torso and crafted pointed shoulders for a counterbalance, and the choice to cut out linear openings throughout the bold print A-line dresses were ingeniously done. Even the way she brought the concept of a circle into the rounded shape of a short cape coat was masterfully done.

This collection showed a designer who is clearly the architect of her own success. Herrera is a woman who knows who she is and who her clients are. Which, judging from this collection and those front row stars, are ladies who love luxury with a dash of daring.