Carolina Herrera Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

On Monday morning Carolina Herrera took the plunge with a water-themed collection that beautifully explored the many facets of the life-sustaining liquid.

With a subject as broad and open for interpretation as water, a lesser designer would have run the risk of being inundated with sartorial alternative. But Herrera masterfully combined water-themed prints, such as a dewdrop skirt or a stormy blue sea evening gown, with designs that alluded to the underlying concept in the construction of the garment itself or through clever H20-inspired embellishments. 

Highlights of this collection included the water print silk jacquard cocktail dresses that opened the show, a dynamic shift gown with a red wave undulating down the length of one side and a top and skirt combo that had a meandering stream embroidered onto its minimalist base.

Smartly, not all of this collection centered on the waterworks. A pair of fire engine red ensembles added some much appreciated heat. While Prince of Wales gray wool ensembles, which slowly morphed into mohair, underlined Herrera’s technical prowess as a designer.

Herrera might have wanted to make waves with this show, but in reality there will only be smooth sailing ahead on the calm seas of this fine collection.