Cedric Charlier Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Paris
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Cedric Charlier Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

At Cédric Charlier’s show on Wednesday, the designer had one of the chicest actresses of her generation sitting in the front row. Charlotte Rampling, with her hooded gaze that gave nothing away, took in the designer’s colorful and sporty collection and was the first to congratulate Charlier backstage afterwards.

Rampling would be able to pull off with ease any number of the pieces that came down the catwalk. For even though they were cut in vibrant colors such as Astroturf green, bright navy, rich Bordeaux and peachy pink and crafted into youthful athletic shapes, their streamlined nature gave them an evergreen punch.

“I was looking to create a pure and sporty line that defined a silhouette that is active and ergonomic. A shape that fits with our times,” said Charlier about his intent for fall/winter 2015 offering.

Some of the ideas in this minimalistic lineup did look a bit derivative. For example, the use of a darker color on the edges of an ensemble, to trick the eye into thinking a silhouette is slimmer, is pretty standard. The same goes for the pleated skirts with a darker shade set into the folds.

Better were the above-the-ankle trousers that had the playful peculiarity of having a contrasting stripe of color down the back of the leg that ended abruptly a few inches above the hemline. Also, the monochrome skirts that moved from a tight pleat on one side easily into a wider one at the middle were novel. And the sports jersey-style stripy cocktail dresses covered in glossy sequins would make for a nice change of pace at a dinner party.