Christian Siriano Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

Christian Siriano knows how to give people what they want. For social media addicts, he had some of his most Instagram worthy moments from the runway, standing amongst the set for a snap; for celebrity photographs he set up a "money shot" of a front row replete with Lindsey Vonn, Amy Schumer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Coca Rocha, Mena Suvari, Willow Shields and Uza Abuda; and for the Siriano fanatics, there was the designer's first scent Silhouette in the gift bags.

For the designs on the runway, Siriano is known to be a little dramatic, and that he gave in spades. Starting off with a series of white looks, the focus was on texture and silhouette.  Laser-cut tiered pencil skirts, chunky knits and full raffia skirts all in white for a second made it seem as if he was going to only use white, but then there was mint, which turned to a rippling sea foam (the bubble lame gave it an actual foaming sensation) and then midnight blue. It was all very feminine, with a coterie of girly laces, and a fair share of peplum detailing which is to be expected from the designer. 

For those final Instagram worthy numbers, Siriano returned to that sea foam hue, sans the foam, and lavished on the crystal embellishments. A clutch handbag got the treatment, as did the shoes that will no doubt end up in his Payless collection.  The strongest of that set was likely in exit 39, a cocktail dress with cap sleeves and a layered skirt, both embellished, or the side tiered gown but surprisingly, the final look was a sheer crystal blouse and trouser set. While certainly a part of the story, it seemed like it should have come a few exits earlier in the procession.