Comme des Garcons Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris
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Comme des Garcons Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

Rei Kawakubo is seeing red. Arguably the most potent hue on the color wheel, the designer followed the crimson call and drenched her Comme des Garçons spring/summer 2015 collection in the bold shade.

Love, danger, life and death, are all fundamentally connected to this color. And the designer played up on all of those associations in her show. 

She started off with a romantic ensemble crafted out of whirls of red fabric flowers strung along thick fringing. Also sweet was an oversized coat built out of impressive layers of ruffled textiles and another coat constructed from bands of fabric held in place by a vertical strip of cloth (think sartorial Venetian blinds).

More sinister offerings included a white based tubular outfit splattered with so much of the sanguine shade that little of its original purity could be perceived. Disturbing too was one oversized black hood worn with a red dress crafted from hanging bands of fabric. It came on the heels of another hooded outfit that looked like a charming take on Red Riding Hood. The same hood in a different shade and the emotional reaction is instantly and radically different. 

The models, their blond plaited hair pulled up and out like flaming golden halos, walked the intimate catwalk (only 100 guests made the cut) wearing perforated red boots and lips painted ruby red at the center to mimic that of a porcelain doll. But it was the clothing and not the accoutrements that held the focus this season. 

This was another powerful and thought provoking collection from  Kawakubo. This all red show got the audience's blood pumping and warmed their hearts as well.