Costello Tagliapietra Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

Long and shapeless might be nice for some, but for Costello Tagliapietra the onus of today's show was the woman's body. It all started with a full-skirted floral brocade fabric. From there the collection cycled through looks: a jersey draped shoulder dress, a slinky sheath dress or three and then a sheer shirt dress, many styles with monochromatic jersey backs. Even the jumpsuits came with an eye for femininity with deep broadcloth, open necklines all cut in satin.

There was a bit of hand-crafted plaid -- clearly a favorite of the designers themselves as season after season they appear for their bow in a tartan of one hue or another -- offered in a navy and a yellow the brand deemed "sunset", but on the whole the solids stole the show.

The weakest point in the collection ended up redeeming itself by the close. A "horizon"-monikered flight jacket seemed busy and a slight departure from the rest of the collection, but when presented in a petrol blue, rendered in satin, the simplicity of it meshed. Another jacket (a trench coat also done in that Horizon ombré print) was undoubtedly a high point of the show. With the belt cinching it tight around the waist, the piece seemed a light wrap dress with gold metallic zips at the arms. That pair surely knows their way around a woman's body and into her closet.