Diane von Furstenberg Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

It was hard not to miss the subtle and not-so subtle links between the Diane von Furstenberg fall/winter 2015 show and this week’s opening of the film “Fifty Shades of Grey.” There was the slated folding screen backdrop lit in “red room of pain” crimson. The show notes were slotted into a folder with a red keyhole motif at the center of a grey tweed background. Then there was the fact that the collection was actually named “Seduction” by the designer. And if that wasn’t enough, music from the soundtrack to the BDSM-based love story played during the presentation.

Thankfully, this collection veered away from the naughty and focused more on the nice. Starting with the opening look worn by Kendall Jenner, a white wrap front dress with a black ribbon tied in a bow at the waist, this show’s seductive qualities had more to do with their real world practicality than any sartorial fantasy.

Von Furstenberg has always been about empowering women by giving them clothing that they can both afford and feel confident in. With just enough of a designer directionality, via intriguing print combos, sophisticated color play and clever fabric juxtapositions, to always keep things interesting.

In this collection count on buyers being particularly interested in the lovely bird motif dresses and outerwear, the colorful upbeat confetti tweed designs and one standout wrap gown in shades of pink and blue on a black background (shame there weren’t a few more of those).

If the designer’s goal was to seduce her audience, she succeeded. Once again, DVF’s beguiling beauties left an impression.