Diane von Furstenberg Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 New York

The shimmering disco ball effect of hundreds of lip shaped mirrors hanging from the ceiling of the Diane Von Furstenberg show venue was the first clue that this collection was going to be a merry jaunt.

But when is a DVF show anything else? This is a woman who knows how to have a good time, enjoy the sweeter things in life and take a break to smell the roses. That’s not to say that she can’t relate to the needs of a working woman, she is well versed in the demands of that world too. But that’s a story for a different show.

For next summer the DVF woman is taking a break from it all. Traveling to exotic places like Rome where she will wear a mix and match collage of black and white abstract print pieces that have been topped off with a splash of coral orange or outlined with silver metal balls. Also on the holiday agenda is Marrakesh where azure blue hued scoop neck tops with matching vest and metallic sequined ankle-length pants are the name of the game. Finally no bohemian trek would be complete without a trip to India. An exotic location that inspired designer Yvan Mispelaere to come up with sari-like tunic tops over slim pants and fluid floor skimming gowns in shades of pistachio or terracotta.

But as far and wide as this show traveled for inspiration perhaps this collection’s greatest voyage is the one it will be taking online. Von Furstenberg teamed up with Google for a new venture called Glass. This had some of the models on the runway wearing futuristic looking glasses that filmed the show from their perspective. And when Von Furstenberg and Mispelaere took their bow they too were wearing the new invention. Proof positive that sometimes the best trips are those you travel in your imagination.

- Jessica Michault