Diane von Furstenberg Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 New York

The feel good moment award of New York Fashion Week has to go to Diane Von Furstenberg. Her fun loving, high energy and hopeful show was a perfect example of a designer manifesting her own sartorial destiny.

Before the show got underway the industry stalwarts that traipsed into Lincoln Center were in a full blown fashion grind, moving from one collection to the next in a methodical manner. But when the Robin Thicke’s summer anthem Blurred Lines began to play and a smiling Karen Elson opened the show in a pretty and practical black and white checked silk jersey full-skirted wrap dress it was clear that Von Furstenberg wanted to give the audience a fashion refuge.

The designer called the collection Oasis writing in her program notes that every woman should “Be your own oasis…an unexpected source of renewal, serenity and beauty.”

A nice message, but an even better one was that which the clothing was communicating. The collection was filled with easy, just slip on and go pieces in attractive prints that lightly referenced Africa. There were the striking blue and orange outfits with the shadow outline of a lion across the bottom, colorful undulating dune motifs on a matching top and wide leg pants, python patterned pieces and some cute cork board printed items. All of them paired with chunky cork board soled sandals.

Even when Von Furstenberg moved out of her print comfort zone she came up with some sold options for her customers. The pairing of a dark denim with black lace inserts on a wrap dress and one covered in passementerie were nice updates on one of her classic silhouettes. And the knit macramé shift dress worn by Naomi Campbell to close the show was dramatic but still accessible.

Von Furstenberg’s positive energy was infectious. By the end of the show when the designer took her joyful turn on the runway, kissing and hugging friends in the front row as she walked the full length of the long catwalk, everyone was smiling and ready to hop out of there seats to join her in a dance on the runway.

The show made you want to live in Von Furstenberg’s carefree world. And while that might not possible, you can at the very least buy one of her outfits to live in it vicariously. And isn’t that really the ultimate goal?

- Jessica Michault